My article on "The true meaning of Success and Daily interpretations" was published in Future Section of Hitavada News Paper on 5th February 2013. Read full article at -


The meaning of success is different to different people. A person can taste success after winning a school race while others feel success only after winning Olympics, so the very definition of success is different for everyone. A housewife feels successful after making the best recipe from a recipe book. Entrepreneurs feel successful after creating a big global enterprise, so success carries different meaning for different person. Success is directly attached to goals. The goals which you set for your career, family and your personal life. Once you achieve those you feel successful.

Break the Barriers - Move ahead towards a new life

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Everyone seeks social acceptance and feels happy when accepted. According to Maslow’s Theory of Needs - After food, clothing and shelter a person has the need to be liked or to be socially accepted. Many people live their life to please others but there are few who lead their life according to their own terms whether they are accepted or not. It is a courageous decision to trod a new path which has not been chosen before or do something which no one appreciates. But there are few who do that and make the impossible possible because they have the courage to walk alone.

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My latest article on Stress Management - A Daily routine was selected to be published in Compex 2013 Special Click IT News, Central India’s only IT Magazine.

You can read my article published on page 140 in the official directory of Compex 2013 or read it on my website at -


I received recognition from Dr Ambedkar College, Nagpur for being a part of Unnati 2012 - 2013. I conducted training program on Human Relations and Stress Management. It was really a proud moment to receive recognition from the hands of Chief Guest Dr Surendra Vinayak Gole, Principal, Nagpur Institute of Technology.

I would like to thank Dr Pratibha Seria madam and Suresh Chari sir for giving me an opportunity to be a part of Unnati.


My latest article on Stress Management – A daily routine was published in Future Section of Hitavada News Paper on 8th January 2012. Read full article on -


I successfully conducted training program along with my team on the topic “Life Ok” at JCI National Conference held at Lulu International, Kerala on 28th December 2012. I conducted training on the topic “Discover your true self” or Self Image. I discussed on What is Self Image ? Why it is important to have a good self image ? How to improve one's image over a life time. My audience comprised of Teachers, Charter Accountants, Home makers, Entrepreneurs and other working professionals.

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Life Ok

I am going to conduct training program along with my team (Jigna Thakkar & Manish Gupta) at Junior Chamber International National Convention being held at Lulu International, Kerala on 28th December 2012. The topic of training is “Life OK”. In this training program i will be covering - Discover your true self and my team members will be covering Stress Management and Jindagi Na Milegi Dobara.

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I conducted training program at Dr Ambedkar College, Nagpur on 20th October 2012. The topic of training was Stress Management. My audience comprised of Part I students from Science, Commerce and Arts background. This topic is very close to my heart as it is what i deal with and manage everyday.

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