Goddess Durga - Victory of Good over Evil

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Goddess Durga

I wish you all a Happy Navaratri, my lovely readers. The date today is 29/9/2019. It is a special day. Let us welcome Durga maa and have love in our hearts for people whom we love a lot. Goddess Durga is Rudra avatar of Parvati maa. What Goddess Durga signifies is that you should be cool and calm all the time but when needed you should wear the hat of Durga and bring law and order back on track. You need to fight with the evils of the society so that you fight your battles not by looking at the system from a distance but by being a part of the system. We all have criticized the evils of society and now it is high time that we just get up and do something about it. Do you think you can bring about a change in the world by criticizing the problem or blaming someone else for the problem or by considering the problem and taking an initiative to solve it? At least when you cannot solve the problem support the person who has taken the initiative to bring about a change. Even God has downloaded from the heavens so that she can make people realize their true potential so that they can achieve their goals. It is your success, your work and your contribution to the society which makes her successful. When you do your work with full honesty and dedication you are serving her and you are helping her in achieving the purpose on earth, the purpose for which she is born.

When you work for a cause which is bigger than you and you believe that you can make it because God is with you, then I would say you are right. God will help you in mysterious ways and open a big reality for you, she will help you, stand by your side and still not show you that she is present. That is love and she knows that when you need her support she has to support you so that more people like you can make big changes happen. First, it starts with the size of the seed but with the passage of time the seed germinates and becomes the size of a huge giant tree. God has descended on the earth from heavens to teach the language of love so that you give your best. Good always takes over evil be it any yuga. Whenever evil will raise its hood Gods will be born to break the curse. There is much more in life than you can imagine and to understand that you have to establish a deep bond with the very source of the creation. Your changed thinking can bring about a big change in the world because when the mindset changes you change your perspective and do new things which you have never done before.

The evils in society exist because we no not do anything about it thinking it is the government who is responsible. I would say it is a combined responsibility. Speak up. Your voice which was lying dormant for too long needs to be expressed.
Durga maa is with all of us for a full 9 days. It is the best time to transform your life and bring about a change. Her smile, her face, her very being brings about a big change in the lives of people because God makes our life beautiful just by being in our life.

When you complain less and adjust more or I would say develop acceptance for the outside world then you tame the Mahishasura who is born because of your hatred. When you treat people correctly they will become good human beings and will serve society and not damage it. The language of love needs to be taught to people because the void which has taken over their lives has disconnected them more from people and connected them to the virtual world which is good for entertainment but you cannot live there. You have to establish a connection with the people, talk face to face with them and listen to each other so that you make the world a better place to live by your presence. Take out time for yourself and for people around you so that you can make your contribution to the world. Each one of you can make your contribution to the world out there and make the world a better place to live by your mere presence. If you exist on this earth then it simply means that you are important and your work is unique or I would say you as a person is unique so it is high time you do whatever you can. To bring about a sea of change you have to start small and do as much as you can so that you can at least change a tiny spec in the big sea but remember even a tiny visible change will shine like a bright star because change is visible and that is the only reason we bring our God’s home because they give us happiness and change our lives by their mere presence.

Goddess Durga rides a lion and teaches us that it is easy to tame the lion within which is both good and bad but then it is all upon you which part of the beast you want to activate. When you activate the good one then you have the power to change the face of the world, create a sea of change and become one with the divine. When the bad part is activated then humans behave like Mahishasura and then the Goddess herself comes to tame the beast and maintain equilibrium in the world because she cannot leave the world in a crumbling state and has to take charge of everything in her hands until the face of the world is changed. God’s work is much beyond your imagination because they work with precision. God’s teach you that your smile is mightier than the sword and you can make things happen in a loving way rather than taking harsh measures but when it is needed then God’s are ready to wear different hats and talk to people in a different manner.

Now let us all welcome the goddess here on this earth because she has traveled a long way from the heavens and is tired. Awaken the feminine energy by connecting to the very source of the creation by doing your best and you will get your prayers answered. She has a big heart and is broad-minded. When you enter the puja pandal to do her darshan please leave your ego outside so that you are a transformed soul. Let your God work on you so that you can see a significant change within you. The Gods also create a fantasy world around them which shows it is good to be imaginative and a little illogical because too much logic hampers creativity.

God’s live in the heavens but they are kind enough to come down on earth and stay with us when needed so that they themselves bring about a change in the world.

Let us all welcome our mother with open hearts because she is here for us and will stay with us for a full 9 days. So what are you waiting for? Transform your life. Change the things which you want to change and live your best life.

Happy Navaratri. Life is beautiful and your presence makes this world a beautiful place to live for someone.
How are you? See You. Good Morning “Infinite Sunshine”.

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