Why Your God’s choose you for a Purpose?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-09-26 22:48
Life purpose

I kept wondering for a very long time as to why my God chose me to achieve a task which he himself could have done in one go or could have chosen someone else for the purpose. Why Me? Why I am the chosen one for the task which is much bigger than my own imagination, a purpose for which he promised me his companionship for lifetime, a purpose which has to be achieved in this lifetime, a purpose which will change the face of the world and touch the life of every creature on this planet. I think I have some of my answers now after pondering over this topic for too long I now understand that I am the chosen one for the purpose because I have the courage to walk the unknown. God wanted someone who is a fighter and is not feared of anything, who can laugh and still be herself. I am not that serious kind of person. I have my own ways of getting my work done which may not match yours and I am ok and fine with just being myself. If I think that the work at hand needs seriousness then I will wear that hat or else I will get things done in a happy cheerful way, the way I am. I feel people work best or give their best when they are happy because any person delivers his best when he is in a state of bliss rather than in a tensed state of mind. Love yourself, love your work and do not be a lonely soul who is disconnected from the whole world and finds out reasons to hang out with people who match his class but do not give him happiness. Change the rules of the game. Be with people who give you happiness and peace of mind so that you pass on the same to the whole world out there.

You are unique and the work which you are doing is also unique so achieve your purpose because God’s thought that you were best suited to do that particular work. Just be yourself and achieve your purpose by taking help from people around you. No one made it alone so be humble and grounded or else how do you connect with people around you. You have to offer your friendly hand so that you both can work together and take each other help to achieve the purpose of bringing about a change in the world. When you have to achieve a particular task then you have no time thinking that who should be the first one to talk. Just join hands and work. Your work is much above you. Your God has chosen you for a specific purpose so achieve it. You don’t need to work all the time but then you need to have the full commitment for achievement of your purpose. When you are the chosen one to achieve a purpose that is very big much beyond your thinking where all your logic fails then a new divinely guided journey begins. Always remember that your Gods chose you for a purpose because you are worth it. Never doubt your capabilities. Let others doubt your capabilities but you should not doubt yours. When God chooses you it simply means that you possess qualities that will help the whole mankind at large. Be confident, have faith and have trust even when things go very challenging.

When the source of creation gives you his work to do then it simply means you are worth it. Let other people label you as lucky but then you know the amount of hard work you have put in along with all the pains you have gone through and emerged victoriously. You have grown through your challenges where nothing could make you bitter but only better. You are chosen for a purpose not according to your size or weight or your personal preferences but according to the amount of courage you have. Even your God checks your guts before he himself declares you as eligible to achieve a certain task. I know how many examinations I have given in the year 2016, 2017, 2018 and the year 2019 before my energies were awakened. I can connect all the dots backward now. I am understanding my life’s journey. I have lived the worst phase of my life and came out of it gracefully, untouched and still maintain that lovely person inside of me who loves all and hate none. Let us all grow up and try to bring positive changes in the lives of other people.

Always remember you can make a mistake but your God can never commit any mistake by choosing the wrong person to do a task. The source of creation is always right. Let other people doubt your capabilities but you have faith in yourself. once the seed of change is planted you only have to water it and grow the seed into a plant so that it becomes giant enough to catch everybody’s attention and the same people who criticized you at your back will applaud you. Those jealous souls who labeled you a kid will have no words to speak in your glory and will change their point of view. God’s are supreme beings with lots of love, yes this is true. I don’t know how you people have experienced God’s but my experience with him is great as he bends all the rules for me. I don’t know but then if you still find it difficult to connect with the very source of creation then just be a little more loving.

Make your simplicity and your smile your unique selling proposition so that you need no other tool to get your work done or do your work yourself if needed. You need to convince people to work with you and I don’t think that you can do that at gunpoint but in a loving manner so that the other person checks what they can offer you. Each and every person on this earth has some or the other talent which is unique to them, have a learning attitude and learn from them. Gather knowledge because knowledge never goes waste and you never know who is chosen by your God’s as your Guru. I have seen unknown people delivering a particular message at times when I needed them the most but I did not know them. Now my own viewpoint is that God came in the form of that particular person to deliver that message and then left their bodies as soon as the message was delivered. I have seen people communicating to me messages which they had no previous knowledge of and speaking their minds to me. How this happens is still a mystery. 2-3 days back I was talking to my neighbor and wanted someone’s help in sorting out my problem. She helped me with the right solution and also listened patiently to me. I could feel my God speaking to me but after the message was delivered she got back to her normal self. Amazing things have started happening with me.

Now, this is called the Law of Attraction in which the message you search for reaches you and the very source of creation deliver them to you when needed. Do you think you get your answers by reading certain newspaper articles or you bumped on it by chance? I would say “No”. You were meant to read that writeup and get your answers to questions which occupied your head for very long. Your God chooses you for a purpose or I would say make you one among them and still conceal everything from your conscious mind and you still have all the knowledge imparted to your subconscious mind where you have all the knowledge and all the answers and you still do not know but keep doing your work properly. You get access to all the information when needed and you do not know how you achieve your task but then this is God’s way of working where he does not gives you everything in one go because he knows if he does that your body will not be able to contain you and if you die then who will do his work so he gives you universal knowledge in chunks because he loves you and is more than happy to work with you.

I believe that God also loves simplicity and not complicated beings. They love people who are true to themselves and are a child at heart which is pure. When I ask him the question why me? Then my God answers me partly and tells me to work and enjoy my divine-human life.

The only thing which you need to keep in mind is when your God chooses you for a purpose it simply means you are the right person with all the capabilities to handle it. Feel happy and follow the path of complete surrender so that you can do your best and do your work with complete enthusiasm.

Become God’s only choice and deliver your best work. Let him save your contacts in his database for a lifetime so that you are reachable for more work in the long run. When God’s have chosen you for a purpose make them proud and enjoy your work because if you get tensed then things won’t work.

Deliver your best work. Good day.

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