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I conducted training program at JCI Nagpur Lady Legend on “Mother and Child Psychology” on 20th July 2014. My participants comprised of parents and their children. I shared my own experiences of parenting. It was indeed a great experience sharing my insights on psychology of mother. Why a child reacts differently in different situations? What to do to help our child lead a stress free life?

The session was fun filled with lots of thought sharing. I thoroughly enjoyed conducting training program at JCI Nagpur Lady Legend on “Mother & Child Psychology”.

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I conducted training program at JCI Nagpur Green City on “Stress Management” on 27th April 2014. My audience comprised of school students and ladies.

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I conducted training program in the Department of Management Studies, Nabira College, Katol on International Women’s Day on Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The news got published in Hitavada Newspaper of 24th March 2014.


I conducted full Day Workshop at Nabira Mahavidyalaya, Katol on “Resume Writing & Group Discussion” on 8th March 2014 on the occasion of Women’s Day for MBA students. I trained them on how to write resume and how to face group discussion (GD) with full confidence. Mock resume writing and mock GD sessions were held so that students gained confidence and were ready to face the GD’s in the coming days.

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I conducted training program on “Soft Skills needed for the Corporate World” at Nabira Mahavidyalaya, Katol on 1st March 2014 for MBA students. I taught them about the need of soft skills and the soft skills which they need to excel in interviews and in the corporate world. They were very receptive, listening to me patiently. I talked about the need of Communication Skills, Effective Presentation Skills, Group Discussion and Personal Interview for them. A combination of these skills with a good personality and academic record will help them sail easily through interviews.

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I conducted training program at Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar College on "Stress Management" on 5th October 2013. My audience comprised of Graduation students from Arts, Science and Commerce background.

Everyone faces stress but it is upon us how perfectly we handle it and get rid of it or manage it. A lot of people fail to manage stress efficiently which leads to lots of tension and health problems. In my training program i discussed on Stress, Types of Stress and ways of handling stress.


I conducted training program at Dhanwate National College on 27th September 2013 on "Body Language". My audience comprised of graduation students. They were very excited to learn about body language.

I taught them the importance of body language in communication and why it is the most important part of Non Verbal communication, tips to improve their body language and how to read others. I enhanced their knowledge on right gestures and postures for effective communication.

It was fun conducting the training program and the students were very participative and attentive.


I conducted training program at JCI Nagpur Patriot on “Dare to Act - Lets do it” on 15th September 2013. My participants comprised of Entrepreneurs, Housewives and children. It was infact a big opportunity for me to share my views, my experiences and my feelings in the program. The topic itself charged the audience. I talked on Why we need to “Dare” and why it is necessary to “Dare” to achieve something in life.

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I conducted training program at JCI Umred on “Stress Management” for Police Officers of Umred on the occasion of Jaycees week. It was indeed a great opportunity for me to conduct a session on Stress Management for Law protectors.

My audience comprised of police officers from all ranks. I conducted session on what is Stress ? What causes Stress ? and How to manage Stress ? My audience responded very well during the whole session. I also conducted chart and paper activity in which all the police officers participated with great enthusiasm.

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I conducted training program at Vidya Niketan School on 26th June 2013 for teachers under the banner of JCI Nagfeme. My audience comprised of teachers from all background starting from Science, History, Geography, Hindi and English. I talked to them about how to make the subject matter interesting, how to motivate the students and arouse their interest in the subjects, Role of a teacher in building career of a student and how to Walk the talk.

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