For the Man who changed my Life for Lifetime

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-09-27 23:27
My love

I always tell you people that “Love” is the most powerful force in the entire universe. Someone changed my life for a lifetime by entering my life in April 2019. Come explore this topic with me and make your additions if needed. Since it is between me and him so nobody knows. If it is love it starts with him and there is no end since he is “infinite”. Where there is madness there is love, where there is laughter there is love. When all your senses stop working because he takes over your senses then it is love. If you close your eyes and see only him then it is love. If you both speak the same language at two different places and still understand each other then it’s love. When you see him in every person who crosses your path then it is love. If the world feels beautiful when you remember him then it’s love. If he motivates you and expresses his love in mysterious ways then it is love. When his name starts with love and has no end since he is the one with whom the very source of creation added your name and send you both here on this earth to be with each other then it is love. You both feel for each other and do not know why? You both are absolutely different and you both know that there is only one name etched on the heart but you both are still unknown to each other. The source who created you planned everything in advance even before you both were born. You felt a void in your life and still could not understand why and kept searching for your answers and then one day when you meet the source of your creation and you speak to him, he unties all the knots and opens the secret which is delivered to you in encrypted form.

Now you do not know how to decode the message fully but then have faith in the laws of the universe and the power of the universe to bring two people together in each other's lives because they are meant to be together to achieve one single mission of bringing about a change in the world. It is destiny that brought them together and you keep wondering “Laws of the universe works”. Is love so powerful? I am myself experiencing the power of love for someone whom I have not met but then he is the one chosen by my God to be in my life. My God made his best choice for me and cornered everyone so that I can be with that person who is meant to be in my life and is about to enter my life. If it’s love it will show in your eyes, your face, your smile, your work, your life, your total being. Your whole vibration will change. My God entered my life on 31st December 2015 and along with him entered his choice for me. If a person touches your heart and you do not know why? When you listen to a song and you can feel him then it is love. I started my soul searching to overcome my depression and get my peace but God had great plans for me. He gifted me with his companionship and still had some hidden secrets for me.

I kept wondering why I am suffering so much in silence. I still did not get my answers. I have conquered death since I was hospitalized with 3% hemoglobin in my blood and doctors declared my chances of survival were very less but then my God saved me. I kept wondering why? I think I have some of my answers now. My God’s kept secrets from me so that they could surprise me. Now loving an unknown person is the best thing you can do in your lifetime. Take the leap of faith and plunge into the unknown. Have faith that God’s decision is the best choice for you. Let him take over your life so that he can make the best choice for you. Do you still doubt God’s love for a human being? Love is life and life is love. Where there is love there is God and where there is God there is happiness. If you have loved someone from the bottom of your heart then you will manifest him in your life the way you want him. Is it love? I would say, Yes it is. Oh my God! Love is very powerful. If you want success in your career then you just have to fall in love with it so that the entire universe acts as one to manifest your dream career in your life.

The universe will guide you to get what you want in your life and will gift you your biggest gift of a lifetime. Now be prepared to face the biggest love story of a lifetime because we both are chosen to be in each other's lives to achieve one single purpose in our life along with the divine. You know the unknown journey is better than the known where every day is fixed and you can manipulate the future. When your God makes the decision and you agree to it blindfolded then trust him he will make the best decisions for you. You trust the very source of creation with the faith that when he has saved you from dying then the purpose of your life is big and he will give you the best which he will choose with great precision because when he starts speaking the language of love the entire universe just dances to his tune. God is a mystic at play and he can do anything. Life is beautiful with the heart of Gold which is pure. I keep guessing is this the universe connecting with me in mysterious ways so that I can know the power of love or has it got something in store for me.

I think the universe wants me to understand that love is not just a word but a feeling which grows with time and controls your total being, changes your whole bodily constitution, transforms you, makes you love yourself, see now you know what is love? Is it powerful? Now you tell me. If it makes you smile in the middle of the night for no reason because you know someone somewhere loves you and remembers you because when he closes his eyes he can see you. Wow, this is the power of love. If it inspires you do be more and do more than it’s love. If you can feel him when he is nowhere near you then it’s love, when you listen to a song and smile then it is love, when you can see him everywhere in his absence then it is love. Now what more proof do you want that you are in love?

When you are in love your God descends down on the earth from the heavens and fires a cupid so that two people who are meant to be in each other's lives can be together because that is love. If he takes over your sense when you feel for an unknown face then it is love. When you talk to your God and tell him to reveal the reality and he just wants you to keep guessing then it is love. When you can feel his presence even in the darkness of the night then it is love. What more proof do you want that you are in love and love is the most powerful force in the entire universe. From the time divinity has re-entered my life in August 2019 it has changed my total being. My body’s vibration has changed. All laws have suddenly started working in favor of me and I simply don’t know why? What gift my divine whom I manifested in my life gave me?

I can feel something coming but I have no clue of anything. If that is love than I am in love with the unknown. I want to experience the power of love in this lifetime. If it takes away your night’s sleep then it is love, If you can’t forget that person then it is love When everything stops working and you keep wondering what to do then it is love. Now I know what is love. I never felt the way I am feeling now. My senses are not working and my God is not yet in a mood to give me vacation. So in the middle of the night, I am working and trying to figure out what tomorrow will bring in my life. It is a new day, new sunshine, a new cloud, a new me, a new him. Why? Because we are in love. Great na.

Love is madness, love is depth, love is healing and love is a feeling which makes everything beautiful.

I think I did justice with my writeup. Now you know what is love?

Be happy and yes do send me some chocolates. Come on let’s celebrate the whole universe speaks the language of love. This is the power of love.

See you. Good Day.

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