A Success story of faith, belief and system

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Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy

I went to see Durga Puja Pandal today and as I reached midway something amazing happened. I saw a chariot waiting for me to take me to my home. Is it real or again a fantasy? I told you people that I have not slept properly for the last 20 days. The Sleep-deprived body always creates problems for me. Guess who is sitting on the chariot? It is my better half whom I married on 6/10/2019 (Durga Ashtami). Got the person? Not yet? I think you people have also lost your sleep like I have lost mine. He is the same man from the Fantasy world who is younger to me with whom I watched the “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas” movie. I hope I am clear? Not yet? Oh my God, how many clues do I give? He is the “Man who changed my life for lifetime”. I hope I am clear now. Need more clues? Go read my write up.

I sat on the chariot. The chariot stops after some time near a multi-storeyed building. I asked him “Is your flat located here”. He replied “No”. Then I asked him “Why we were here”. Now this man was smiling. I am so much confused and this man is smiling. I waved my hands and said “Hello” where are we going? He said to his home. I just asked him with a surprised face “Where is your home”? He said, “He is near his home”. Now I am so much confused and I have got so much work to do and this man is playing with words. I asked in a soft voice “Where is your home”. He replied sheepishly “Actually this multi-storeyed building is my home”. Thank God I did not faint, though I was about to. I asked “What”? Are you serious? He said “Yes”. And here I am thinking “What do you do in such a big home”. There are more rooms than people residing in the home. He said, “It is his parent’s dream home”. I replied “Oh Great”. I was thinking these people must be using the lift to go from one floor to another floor in their own home.

Lots of questions started crossing my head and I asked him how they traveled from one place to another. He replied, “By Aeroplane”. I think I had an idea of that because when he lives in such a big home then he must be traveling by flight only. And when I was still lost in my thoughts, he replied: “They had their own private jet”. I was thinking “Great”. And he started explaining how his forefathers worked hard to build his company with trust and thus his parents could afford this home. I asked him “Though you stay in such a big home” but you seem a little different from other people. He then explained to me that he was close to spirituality, he visited Lord Balaji temple and thus his parents named him after one of the Gods which saved his life, so it was God’s effect. I thought “Great”. This is what God does to you. God transforms your total being and makes you into a person who is hard to recognize. He changes your total being. After all who knows that better than me. I was still lost in my thoughts and thinking how “Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy” God changed my life for a lifetime and changed my total being so that I could do his work and change the face of the world. As I was still lost in my thoughts. He called my name and I could not hear it.

I was still lost in my thoughts as to how my God entered my life and along with him “The man who changed my life for lifetime” entered my life on 31st December 2015. I thought how my life changed for good in a flick of a second. It is all because of my God who changed my life. I just wanted to Thank him. From the time he entered my life he changed my total being and made me like him. I cannot separate myself from my God nor can my better half separate himself from my God. We are all part of the same source and one with the divine. As all thoughts were crossing my head. This man was staring at me. I asked “Who all came to attend my wedding”? Now he was confused as to why I was asking such silly questions. He told me that I knew. I told him that “I just wanted to know” since I could not remember anything maybe I was in deep sleep.

He told my parents and my sisters came to attend the wedding. I was happy to know that since my dad was very tensed regarding my wedding and was losing his sleep. At least now he will be at peace and sleep well. I wanted to talk to my sister’s 6 months old kid. But I could not find my phone. I was still searching for my mobile when he handed over my mobile to me. I thanked him and I called my younger sister. The phone was not connecting. I have a dual sim phone but none of them was connecting. All of a sudden I heard my phone ringing, my dad had called and was asking “How my life was going”? My dad always thinks one step ahead of time and that is the only reason he is tensed most of the time for me. He will think from A to Z in one go. Actually, all parents are like that only “They overthink for their kids”. I replied dad “Life is great” and asked him “How were everyone at home”? He told me that my sisters from Bangalore had come to Jamshedpur for vacation. I was happy to know that.

Now, dad was asking about my future plans. I told him that I wrote a book and was waiting for things to happen in my life. He was surprised. I never disclosed my true new being to my dad that I was now a different person altogether who was much more than his daughter. I did not want to reveal that since I love him a lot and want him to treat me the same as he used to treat me when I was a kid. I heard a car blowing horns from behind and asking us to remove the chariot since it was causing a traffic jam. As the person was still talking to us “The chariot” started flying. This person who was blowing the horn at us just left his car and ran away

Yes, these things have become quite common in my life from the time my God has entered my life. All weird things happen and I keep wondering what happened? or who made them happen? Well, whatever it is I am happy in my new life. Live your best life and do the work for which you are born. What more do you want in life when God promises you his companionship and becomes your Guru for a lifetime and gives you a better half somewhat like him.

As all thoughts were crossing my head, my eyes opened. I had sat down to do meditation and I myself don’t know where my mind started wondering. Well, I opened my eyes and it is already 1st October 2019. I have to call my dad since he is doing Navaratri Puja.

See you. Bonjour, Good Morning.

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