Soft Skills Training – Need of the Corporate World & Educational Institutions

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2011-05-23 12:16
Soft Skills Training Institute

I never realized the impact of training till i enrolled for one and it changed my thought process and my life. I did not realized the power of positive words and its impact until i was struck by one. Soft skills training plays a vital role in a persons life but yes we have to realize that we need it and be a change we want to see. Hard skills will help us rise but we cannot enter and occupy the hearts of people until and unless we know how to communicate, what to communicate and when to communicate. Managers can do a great job if they know how to bring all people together and delegate work. The art of handling people can be learnt by these training seminars. We are dealing with people and they are bag full of emotions. A wrong word, a wrong gesture, negative body language is enough to turn a good relationship in to a sour relationship. We learn this with experience and experience comes from practice. This takes a long time and we get success when we learn a lot about handling people and relationship. But we can gain experience by enrolling in training programs and changing our belief and attitude to get success in a short period of time.

A lot of people with extraordinary hard skills cannot make it to the top or senior positions. What is the reason ? Lack of proper soft skills. They simply do not know how to handle situations and handle miscommunication. Rashmi Priya who is Founder & Corporate trainer at Attitude School has realized the problem and want to help such people who cannot make it to the top by improving their communication and presentation skills. Effective selling can happen when we learn the art of selling by effective presentation skills. “Things do not work on their own we have to mold them to work for us “ This is what she believe. There are lots of soft Skills training institute but Attitude School is different as the trainer is Rashmi Priya herself who has got experience of more than 7years in the Information Technology industry. She is the CEO of VinayRas Infotech so she brings with herself the whole lot of experience which other institutes may be lacking. It makes a lot of difference when a professional person with experience is teaching you than a mere trainer conducting a program.

Soft skills is an art and once we have command over it, a big difference can happen in our personal and professional life. Root cause of all problems is lack of knowledge and self belief that yes we can do it and it is possible, most of the time we think of avoiding change and thinking how we cannot do something rather than doing it. Rashmi Priya helps you in changing your thought process. After attending her training session you can see yourself as a changed person with a different out look and a specific goal in life.

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