Gratitude – My way of Life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2014-01-06 13:11

The meaning of gratitude is being thankful and grateful for everything we have in our life. Most of our life is spend on complaining and worry but sooner or later we realize that the true essence of life and living is to stop complaining and start living but we understand this very later in life. Every person on this earth is gifted with some unique qualities which is unique only to him or her but then what do we do we compare ourselves with others and want to be someone else just because we want to look more beautiful and smart like someone else, but when we realize our inner strengths and start feeling grateful for everything we have in life, life becomes a bliss and our self belief gets stronger.

Many people define different standards for their life but those standards may not fit us. We start feeling low when we compare and find something missing within us. Let us not compare and lets discover our true selves. Life gets more meaning when we are thankful for everything that God gave us. That only happens when we take some moment out of our busy schedule sit with our own selves and take a note of how may things we possess which we should be grateful for. It is only then we realize that life has unfolded in such a great way but we wasted our time complaining and groaning. Two human beings can never be the same and hence always keep in mind that when God created us with different strengths and weaknesses then why waste our precious time on worry. Why not make a fortune and create our own destiny by our own hands.

Being grateful for everything in life is an attitude and a way of life. It is something which has to be kept in mind always till it becomes a way of life. Life comes with whole lot of challenges, ups and down but then the winner is one who fights till the end and is thankful at each and every step of his life. He is someone who is thankful for every challenge and opportunity which is bestowed upon him with a brave heart. You will hardly see someone rising high with a mourning attitude. You will always find people seated at the top notch positions having a different way of life and a thankful attitude. When you are thankful for something and happy you are attracting more situations where you can be happy and thankful for from the universe and this takes you higher and higher towards your set goals.

Live with a purpose because God created us with a purpose, but we get so busy with our daily life, anger, jealousy, comparison, rich, poor, complaints and everything that we forget the true essence of life. You can only serve your purpose when you are grateful and happy with your own life. This feeling of gratefulness gives you mental peace and calmness of mind. A cool and calm mind can do or create anything. No one on this earth is born talented. It is only with passage of time that we realize we have some unique talents and only when we start working hard on it that we attain great results.

Every morning be grateful for the sunrise, your good health, the breakfast that you eat and every small thing which we usually forget in the fast paced life. I would say take a break and devote at least 5 minutes of your time and focus on what all things you should be grateful for which you always took for granted. Most of us take our health for granted and it is only when it starts troubling us that we realize how we should take care of our body and be grateful for our good health which is a gift of God to us. There are various things in life which we take for granted, it is only when we lose them that we realize that they were so important to us and we should have been grateful for it.

Be thankful for the air you breathe, for the fine weather, for a great brain which helps you make a living. Stop complaining, dig deep and find your core strengths, i bet you you will never ever have to look behind and you really will be creating your own destiny. Life has to be lived happily, it is not something which should be taken too seriously. Love what you do and do what you love. Don't do something which makes you sad or gives you sleepless nights. When you do something which you love you will not have to work for a single day and you will be grateful for the life you are living. I have seen people doing jobs which they don't love, sacrificing their happiness for someone else and then living in misery. This is not gratefulness. You will experience gratefulness when you are happy from within not cheating your own self and not hiding your tears behind false smiles. The inner happiness will show up on your face, health and even your work because you will be more productive and have a positive attitude towards life. You will be just yourself and not pretend to be someone else but you will be happy being just yourself.

Stop posing as an impostor, have genuine feelings because being an impostor would cause more sorrows than happiness because that is not your true self and until and unless you live your own life you cannot find your own true self. Life is very simple but we human beings have the habit of complicating it because we find it difficult to live a simple life. We find it difficult to be grateful for everything. I would say make a change in your life, start living life with gratitude and see the miracles happening in your life. Life has to offer so much to us but we all get trapped in small small things so much that we are not able to see the bigger picture, our bigger true self that the universe has destined for us. Break the clutter, get above all small and non sense stuff and feel the real essence of life, see the real you.

Change is the only thing which is constant in this universe. Any changes in life upsets our plan which we have set for the future but always remember God has a plan for us and he upsets our plan only to put his plan in action which will take us to a path full of happiness. Don't get upset if things don't work for you just be grateful that life is throwing lessons before you so that you learn and don't make such mistakes in the future when it would really get disastrous for you. Be happy be thankful and put a real smile on your face the whole universe will bow before you and give you what you ask for because you have tuned yourself to that frequency.

Make your life more meaningful and work on your emotions from now on and then feel a difference. See a different you standing in front of the mirror and then you can be happy for discovering your true self. So friends Be Grateful this New Year 2014 and live a life full of Gratitude and attain all your goals. All the best.

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