My journey so far as mother, CEO to Founder at Attitude School

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2011-05-07 10:03
Rashmi Priya

There are many changes that happen in life. As a girl we have various roles to play. We were four sisters and i being the second had lots of responsibilities over my shoulders. I played various roles as a sister, mother, CEO at VinayRas Infotech, Founder & corporate trainer at Attitude School. But the journey was not smooth. There were times were we ran short of money and i had no idea how we would pay our programmers but then we ( My Husband and me ) started our journey and there was no looking back. My hubby always told me that if we fail we will have to start again and that there was no options of doing private or public sector jobs. So the only option was to work hard and remain persistent in our goal to achieve success. I was a fresher when i joined VinayRas Infotech but i learned a lot from the CTO of VinayRas Infotech and seeked his guidance when ever necessary. I always believed that i have to do my best, rest will be handled by my GOD. Yes i carry this belief till today.

There is something unique in every person and when we work on those skills we reach our destiny but the problem is that we are not aware of what we are capable of doing until and unless we work and harness our true potentials. I never knew that I will be made CEO of the VinayRas Infotech and will have to head of one of the leading software companies of Nagpur. Once i was the head i had to learn all the ticks and tricks of business. Neighbors would make fun of us “ see these kids running a company” . I realized i was not answerable to them but we needed to concentrate on our work rather than proving anything to anyone. We hired employees and many were very reluctant to work with a start up with no future. Many candidates demanded very high salary which we could not afford so we never hired them. I had a belief that one day we ( Me & Vinay Yadav) will take VinayRas Infotech to great heights. I knew we were a growing company and we could not invest a lot on infrastructure or great offices. It was our work which will speak and nothing else. Vinay Yadav the Chief technical officer at VinayRas Infotech had a spark in his belly and would learn new technologies to take the company ahead. He used to experiment with every new technology and put a great effort in learning it.

Vinay Yadav is the person behind,, , and many more websites. I qualified as a soft skills trainer in the year 2010. He told me why don't you teach soft skills through your own soft skills training institute. He had this idea of institute in 2009 but i was not interested but now i wanted to invest my time and money in to it. That is how Attitude School was born to teach students, working professionals and house wives the way to handle their personal and professional lives. I see lots of students do not clear the interview due to lack of soft skills so i took the responsibility to teach them and i have taken a mission not to stop till every candidate in India is employable. Yes i have a purpose to serve. Teaching was very close to heart as my dad was Dean Faculty of Law so i imbibed all teaching skills from him. I had seen him delivering lectures and never had problems facing the public. I realized God had chosen me for a purpose, a purpose to serve and share my learning's with the whole world and let them discover their own capabilities and achieve the impossible as the word itself says I M Possible. Lets be change makers.

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