Want to get a good Employment ? Check your online visibility

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2011-12-24 11:46
Social Networking Websites

Everyone wants to get a good employment be it a fresher or an experienced person. The process starts from applying for a vacancy to appearing for an interview. The process of interviews starts with several aptitude test then group discussion and final interview. Final interview checks the overall personality of a candidate, his knowledge, attitude and other things which are not mentioned in his resume. The work of HR manager starts from sorting resume to recruiting the best candidate and the manager takes every step to hire the right person.

There is a new hiring concept in the world of employment i.e online visibility check. We all have heard of first and second round of reference check where all the references mentioned on the persons resume are called for feedback about the person. The candidate can manipulate references to talk in his favor but he cannot manipulate what has been posted online by him. Social networking sites like Facebook helps the HR manager in knowing the person more deeply. The postings, sharing videos and the kind of friends a person has speaks a lot about him/her. This helps in making the assessment easy to hire a person. The HR may not totally rely on the online status but yes it can be generalized that it affects the decision making process by 10 % and if this is in your favor it helps you in getting your dream job.

A lot of students share and speak their heart on Facebook or other social networking sites but yes what they forget is that the kind of postings they make online will affect their online reputation. Online reputation goes a long way and it not only build a brand name for you but it also helps others in knowing about you and finding you. I would like to cite my own example here, when ever i receive a resume the first thing i do is search online about the person on google.com and then call him/her for interview. It has really helped me hire a right person for my Web Application development company, VinayRas Infotech.

If you are a Facebook addict and update your status every minute or every hour it shows you cannot concentrate more of work and you want to know more about what others are doing and love updating your friends too often about you. So the next time you update your photograph or your friends about yourself check how often you do that. Are you addicted to social networking sites or you have a profile just to network with others and know them.

Every company wants dedicated employees who are dedicated to work and not to social networking websites. Keep a check on your activity, how much time you spend online ? How much time you spend chatting with friends and replying mails ? Is it too often or once in a day. The whole idea here is that the HR manager wants to check how productive you are. At last that is what matters. An employer spends a huge amount of money on recruitment and training. A wrong hire wastes lots of company money and they again have to look for a new person. To solve these hassles the HR manager and the employer are devising new ways to solve their attrition problems and hire only good and dedicated employees who value their work and adds a value to their company by doing great work. So build a good online reputation and get your dream job.

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