Training program on "Motivation" at Fire Engineering College, Nagpur

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2010-09-03 11:57
Myself interacting with students

The training program was organized by Dr Archana Jaiswal, President JCI Nag Feme. It was a training program on Empowering youth. The students were from 10th and 12 th back ground. All males. It was the first time i was interacting with full male audience. I started the session with a video on motivation to charge them. I shared with them all motivational thinking and real life experiences. They were really charged after the session. I could see the success of my training program on their faces. I really felt satiated after the program and realized that this if my gift ( Audience satisfied faces ). Its very difficult for me to express myself in words as to what i felt at that time but i felt at the top of the world. My dad always told me ' Rashmi you can read the result of the training on the face of the audience and they will tell you how successful you are '. I remembered my dad's words at that time.

Great experience.

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