Tips for Employers

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2007-08-27 11:36

- Dont hire a candidate just for his knowledge.

- An employee should have good communication skill to interact with his senior and team mates.

- Check if the employee has switched job too often. If it is dont hire that employee, he may leave from here too.

- Check his knowledge by written test ( When a candidate come for interview. He says he is strong in everything but when it comes to the actual application part he cannot answer simple questions )

- While negotiating for salary a candidate always wants double or triple his present salary so think over his appropriate salary.

- You can know whether a candidate will become a fruitful employee by checking his manners and his behavior and his attentiveness. I have seen candidates coming with an incomplete resume directly to interviewers table and sometimes not even bringing a resume as they had sent an on line resume.

- Never employ a candidate who has a casual approach towards the job and who not even knows what your company works in and had no time to browse your company's website for his knowledge.

- Never employ a candidate who had been sitting idle for a year because he didnt get a job matching his expectations because he will never become a good employee. He will have the habit of sitting and not working for first few months.

- Think twice before you employ a candidate.

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