The Replacement Theory

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2011-05-04 10:34
RBC Replacement

I was very much moved by the article on "Replacement Theory" published in Times Ascent, 4th May 2011. Lets discuss what is Replacement Theory – Its finding your replacement when you want to leave a job or climb the upper ladder of success. This helps a lot as the work does not suffers and the employer is happy as the replacement is another person who knows his job. When the person leaving a job finds a replacement and trains the new hire according to the job requirements, lots of problems gets sorted and the HR is at peace. The present employer is also happy with the employee who is preparing a replacement for him/ her. The future will be very bright for the employee who left the old company with a happy mindset. He is breeding good relationship and not enemies and in the long run if he expresses a desire to work again with the same company they will induct him as he never left the employer in a lurching situation.

At VinayRas Infotech i have faced lots of problem with employee attrition. Employees coming to me and conveying their decision to leave me just one day in advance to join a new employer had many times left my organization in a lean situation. Buy yes we worked hard to find a replacement and distribute his work to other employees so that the work never suffered. We had to answer our clients. It would have been great if the leaving employee came to me with a new replacement and taught him the basics. I would be overwhelmed with such a kind gesture. But this is not practiced that often.

A lot of employees leave the previous employer to build their own career and bright future with the new employer. These employees get caught in the second and third round of reference check and thus create a negative image in front of new employer. The new employer perceives this newly inducted employee to repeat the same behavior with them.

I would highly recommend employees to check such behavior and think about their growth as well as growth of the organization. If you build good relationships they will go a long way and bear great fruits and return back in plenty to you. Find a replacement and don't leave the organization in a crippled stage for your own selfish motives. Think both ways and grow as a healthy individual so that no one points out their fingers on you and you too feel satisfied from the bottom of your heart that you never took a wrong path for your career growth.

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