New Mantra in the Corporate world

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2011-11-21 14:14
Corporate World

Welcome 21st century. Times have changed and so has the mindset of employees. Today's employees want job satisfaction, good salary, nice career prospects and time to pursue their hobby or interest. When any of their demands is left unfulfilled they leave and join another company. Employers are aware that working 6 days a week together for months will bring stress and lead to bad health in the long run. Continuous pressure to perform, meet deadlines and targets cause lots of stress to employees. Organizations are taking every step to satisfy their productive worker. From organizing training programs to perks, hobby leave and other support. They are leaving no stone unturned to retain their rich work force.

We have heard the proverb “All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, same is applicable to today's employees. Now a days organizations believe that the productivity lessens due to continuous work so they are providing their employees with paid leave to harness their hobbies or go on tour to de-stress their mind. Boss is aware that continuous work will bring monotony and no innovation. For innovation and creativity, employees should carry a fresh mind and be enthusiastic in whatever they do. Employees are the back bone of an organizations so when the bone is weak the company will be weak. For a strong bond the relation between employees and employer should be friendly and transparent so that the work does not suffers.

In this era the boss does not treats his employees like slaves but they understand the needs and takes care of them. Employers are aware that autocratic leadership style is not going to work and productive work will be done in a friendly environment where no one is conspiring against each other.

Employers are spending a big chunk of money on training and development of their work force so that they do quality work. In house training and outbound training are getting very popular in the corporate world. The topics are selected according to the needs of employees. Such training program helps in bridging the gap between the new and old employees, also helps them in understanding each other better and work in a team.

Organizations are taking utmost care in implementing new rules and regulations in the company. Now a days employers take great care of their working assets and the focus is towards maintaining a productive and healthy workforce than just making profit. This new mantra is gaining momentum and a lot of companies are exercising “Democratic” leadership style than “Authoritarian” style.

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