Self Analysis - Mapping strengths, Gifts and Roles

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My Self Analysis

Self analysis is analyzing what is best within us. What we can do best ? Our intrinsic qualities. It is discovering our own personal self and emotions. It is analyzing our values and what is important to us. Getting closer to our inner mind and soul.

Self analysis helps in knowing about our strengths, weaknesses, goals, aspirations, abilities, values and interest.

Self analysis helps in deciding what needs to be amended or permanently removed and what all new habits need to be inculcated. Knowing our own strengths and weaknesses helps us in connecting with others. This helps us in reaching our true potential in personal and professional life.

Self Analysis helps a person in realizing what has been achieved and what more can be achieved in the long run. By analyzing oneself one can have true picture of his/her true self and no one can fool them regarding that. Self analysis is an ongoing process because as we move ahead in life our values, interest, skills and personality changes. It is like analyzing what interests me and what i love doing and the unique skills set which i possess. Do not compare yourself with others. Be realistic, you are better aware of what you are good at and what you cannot do.

Self analysis helps a person in knowing his/her true self. He knows what he is and no one else needs to make him realize that. It is like i know what i am capable of doing, i might put a false image in front of others but from the bottom of my heart i am aware of what i am good at. Once you know yourself you do not fool others.

The more i am analyzing myself the more i am knowing myself and i am getting better day by day. The problem with most of us is that we do not analyze ourselves and work according to what others say or decide for us. They may be our husbands, wives, parents or any elder or person whom we consider our role model. The problem here is it is their analysis and their thinking about us and not our own thinking for ourselves. When we follow our heart we get successful and achieve our dreams rather than following what others decide for us.

Self analysis is very important while taking a career decision because a wrong decision causes lots of problems and causes a person’s mental break down and hence change of career in the long run. It is like digging deep inside our own selves and discovering our talents. Self analysis gives us confidence as we do what we are good at doing. It removes all mental blocks and projects us face to face with reality.

Self analysis helps us in realizing our true self, our true potential and we  can know ourselves by true introspection. Not cheating ourselves. We can cheat others but we cannot cheat ourselves. Self analysis brings us face to face with our true reality where there is no make up and remake but only our true selves.

We need to accept ourselves the way we are. It is we who knows ourselves the best. The abilities and disabilities which we have. Many of us suffer from physical disability or invisible disability. It is we who are aware of our true potential. Do not try to copy others. Once you know yourself you can decide where you fit the best. Your education, your career, your future everything. My friend may be earning crores per month but it may not be the same for me. One should concentrate on what suits him or her the best. It can be writing, singing, dancing, painting or construction. Once you decide what you want to do and are good at. You automatically start getting successful. It is a matter of satisfaction and not about money. A person may be earning crores and still remain dissatisfied and a person may just be earning lakhs and still be happy with everything.

It is the true knowledge about yourself which makes you famous. Stop whining and start living. I have seen people spending almost half of their life doing something which they never loved. And these people leave everything and get back to their passion and create history. They free themselves of their past, come out of their inhibitions and work towards their goal which was covered by dust for a long time. we all need to uncover the dust which has accumulated in our mind and do something which we love to do by self analysis. I would like to cite my own example here. I did MBA and after marriage i was running VinayRas Infotech, a web application development company along with me husband. But after some time i realized i was fascinated towards writing and teaching. I still run the company but i write articles for many of my web portals like, and my own website . I really thank my husband and my God for making me realize what i loved doing. Friends believe me now time passes too fast and i don't realize it as i am doing what i love doing.

Though self analysis may seem a very small word very commonly used by all but the main thing is we fail to realize the deep meaning, forget to implement it in our life.

I have seen a lot of people telling me that they do not have time for their own self. If you have no time for your own self you cannot have time for others. You cannot satisfy others and you will always be mentally disturbed with one or other thing. We all need time to understand ourselves or we will be moving in a direction which has no end with no milestones. Introspect yourself and move ahead in life.

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