Advertisements to impress the Audience – Fake or Real ?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2011-05-30 13:26

I was little amused to read that the Axe effect advertisement was facing a legal problem when a person filed a suit for not getting the effect shown on the television. Its great at least some one raised his voice against the misleading advertisement. These commercials promises a lot but the actual product causes no such effect. I just cannot understand why these branded companies are lying with the customers and playing with their emotions. Is it just for selling their product or service ? Or to show their superiority when compared to other brands. There are “n” number of deodorants in the market and for fierce selling its very much necessary to promote a product very well but a advertiser has to decide up to what extent.

The Nirma washing powder advertisement in which the lady stops the splashing dirty water by saying “ Nirma washing powder nirma” is really fake. Is it practically possible in real life that we go outside wearing a white sari washed in Nirma washing powder and stop all the dirt accumulating on our clothes just by chanting” Nirma washing powder nirma”. God i never understood the reason behind making of that advertisement, or they came up with innovative idea as other brands just washed clothes on television to show how superior they where to others.

Vivel doe soap advertisement in a clip from “Maine pyar kiya “ style to attract the opposite partner makes no sense. I could never find out how can two people come together just after bathing with a particular soap. In this fight to show superiority one brand is fighting with another to occupy the hearts of the consumers and thus these misleading advertisement. But what these companies are forgetting is wrong advertisement may tarnish their brand image and thus reduce their brand value. Show the customers what is true and appealing about the product and no false claims. False claims can lead disastrous and bring bad name for the company. The Axe effect law suit is a eye opener for other brands who show case false promises about their product or service. We customers have to rise up and tell these companies that enough is enough and no false promises will be tolerated. When we purchase a product we associate our dreams and emotions with it and when it under performs it hurts. I would request everyone to open up and show their displeasure against any wrong advertisements and show these brands that we will not shut our mouth till they stop misleading.

Previously UNION HEALTH Minister Anbumani Ramadoss had taken initiative by taking up the matter with Union Ministry for Information and Broadcast towards claims made in advertisements of ‘fairness cream’. Let us rise and show our disagreements for all false claims by means of blog, twitter, facebook and other social networking websites.

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