Yoga to heal your body and calm your Soul

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-06-21 17:58

Yoga is a set of body movements along with controlling your breath which heals your body and soul. Yoga connects you to the core of your body and takes you to a different dimension where you are at peace. You will see the difference within yourself when you start doing yoga, your body will get different, your thinking will change, you will get less angry and you will be more at peace. I would say yoga is a way of life and every person should do yoga in spite of his age. You need to check which postures are comfortable for you and then move ahead accordingly. Your body is very flexible when you are a child but as you grow up and do the less physical activity your body starts becoming stiff. This stiffness of the body causes various health problems and people even find problems in bending down. The best way to maintain the flexibility of the body is to do yoga. You start small and with time extend your yoga time. You will see that your body will start becoming flexible and there will be marked changes in your body. You will get less tired and your working capacity will increase, you will be in a good mood and frown less. Your body will start getting in shape and you will start getting a good figure. Your hair will get shiny, your skin will get a good texture and shine and you will feel happy from within. You will be able to take full control of your life because when your overall health gets better your thinking also gets better.

Yoga is the only solution to all health problems along with Ayurveda. The allopathic medicines do more harm than any good. Though they cure one problem but cause side effects if taken for a longer period of time. When you do yoga your body will heal from inside and you will have to see your doctor less often. You can cure incurable diseases with yoga. When your doctor shows you a red flag saying that your disease is incurable, you keep your faith in yoga. The soft yoga mat on which you do yoga has changed millions life so you have faith that it will work wonders for you. When your self-belief combines with yoga you have the power to heal your body from within. Sometimes you visit the doctor again and again but they still cannot solve your health problem then what do you do? The best thing to do is to practice yoga. Our ancient rishi, munis did yoga and kept their body fit and hence they got ill very less. They used ayurvedic medicines, hence they lived longer and much better lives than what we are living now. You take the example of any person, he or she is suffering from one or other problem and these people find ease in popping pills rather than doing yoga to heal their body.

Any form of exercise is good for the body but when it comes to overall well being of the person than it is only yoga which can give you total health, mental as well as physical. Good mental health is something which is needed to do good work because you cannot work with an agitated mind. When you are at peace with yourself your productivity increases along with your thinking capacity. Yoga not only cures diseases of the body but also of the mind. All the negative thoughts which are generated by the mind when it is unhealthy are gone when you start practicing yoga daily. The controlled breath during yoga gives energy to your system. When you stretch your body during different postures the blood circulation in the body increases and it removes all toxic wastes from the body. Your body feels much lighter than before. The body pain vanishes. I would say yoga is a boon especially for ladies because it takes care of all nonsense health problems which are caused due to hormonal changes as well as problems of periods. Lots of girls suffer from painful menstruation and if they regularly practice yoga they can control lots of these problematic symptoms. Yoga helps you in concentration, your focus increases and thus your mind does not gets distracted. When you focus more on your work the quality of work improves.

Yoga is a boon for mankind. You need to take out time to do yoga be it 10, 20 or 30 minutes. You make a habit of practicing yoga every day as you brush your teeth. Just get your yoga mat and practice yoga daily. Do yoga asanas which you can do, every person's body is different so everyone cannot do everything. You have to check which yoga postures are best suited for you and then you practice them every day. For the first few days, you will find your body aching a lot, that is because your body is adjusting to the new environment. You need not stop practicing yoga. Do yoga every day and you will see that as your body gets used to your daily practice your body will ache less and will start getting flexible. You will feel a new energy and enthusiasm within yourself. You have to take out some time every day to do yoga because if you do yoga once in a while it will not benefit you, to get maximum benefits you have to practice yoga regularly. With progressing time you will see that you will enjoy doing yoga and it will become a part of your lifestyle.

Yoga slows down the aging process so if you want to look young for longer than it is better to do yoga rather than getting any costly beauty treatments done which will harm your skin in the long run. All the anti-aging skin products which are available in the market are nothing more than chemical but yoga is natural. When you do yoga regularly you will start reaping the results. You will feel more confident from inside and face life challenges better. Yoga not only strengthens your body but also your mind. You will see that when you start doing yoga you will feel bold from inside. Your attitude towards life will change, you will get calm and your approach towards life will change because when you are at peace you think differently. Yoga is the only cure to all lifestyle diseases which are stressing today's human being. Unnecessary stress, anger, and jealousy are ruining and polluting the minds of people, if they do yoga they will feel better and hence our outer world will get better.

There is so much yoga can do for you so just go ahead and start doing yoga. Take out some time every day and practice yoga on your yoga mat. Heal your body, mind, and spirit by practicing yoga on this International Yoga day. Yoga is a blessing so get your blessing and live a happy life.

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