Training program at Pannalal Deolia Hindi School (NMC) on Goal Setting on 10th September 2012

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The Jaycees of Nagpur along with Nagpur Municipal Corporation decided to conduct training program in 28 Corporation schools on 10th September, Trainers Day recognized by JCI India.

I got an opportunity to conduct training program at Pannalal Deolia Hindi School. The school was allotted to me after discussion with Mayor Anil Sole ji.

It was the first time i was conducting training program in a Nagpur Municipal Corporation School. I designed the training program totally in Hindi. My audience comprised of students of 9th and 10th standard. Children were from rural areas and hence the sole aim of training was to motivate them and set their goals for a bright future.

I entered the class and the students gave me a warm welcome. The training program started with what are Goals and the Importance of goals ? I asked them to identify their strengths and weaknesses, to do self analysis to reach their goals, to motivate themselves everyday to keep the fire burning in their belly. Motivation was an important constituent of goal setting. Students were very reserved in the beginning but they soon started opening up and even wrote their strengths and weaknesses on the black board. They patiently listened to be by maintaining pin drop silence.

I asked them to break all the barriers which they had build and conquer their inhibitions to reach their dreams. At the end the students were very much motivated and promised me that they will reach their goals. I felt great in my heart to have motivated students who came from slum areas and had , no goals in life. It was nice interacting with 90 students and understanding them.

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