Training program at Nagpur Municipal Corporation for Auditors on 3rd and 4th December 2012 by Attitude School

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2012-12-04 14:28

I got a great opportunity to conduct training program at Nagpur Municipal Corporation for Auditors of 6 districts of Vidarbha region on 3rd and 4th December 2012 under the banner of Attitude School. It was two days training program in which i covered Human Relations, Positive thinking, Self Image and Motivation.

On first day of training there were Auditors from 3 districts and my audience comprised of 70 people of different age group sitting in front of me eagerly waiting for my training. I covered Why Human Relations is Important ? Why you need to maintain it ? What to do for good Human relationship ? Human Relationship as a gateway to success. I also talked about the need to have positive thoughts for maintaining good Relationship and How thoughts leads to healthy relationship. It was a great session. My audience responded very well and they were very eager to learn something new. I was very surprised on their response as it was a different behaviour from what i had heard about government department professionals.

The second day i had a different set of audience from 3 other districts sitting in front of me. I covered Self Image and Motivation. I started the session with what is Self Image ? Why it is important to have good self image ? How we can work on our own self for good image ? How to have patience and move on ? I really did a lot of research work for this session and i thoroughly enjoyed taking the session. I also talked on why Motivation is important in day to day life ? How to keep ourselves motivated ?

It was really fun filled session and i had a great experience conducting training at Nagpur Municipal Corporation office. The people there from top level authorities to Lower authorities are so cooperative. The big boss who managed the whole Nagpur branch was sitting with us. A very humble person with a pleasant personality. I was touched by his humility.

I had a great time conducting training at Nagpur Municipal Corporation office. I thank my audience and the top authorities for making the training program a success.

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