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Effective Public Speaking programme

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2007-02-15 10:33

It was held in Nagpur. Many eminent speakers were invited for the programme. Dr chari and MR Tarun srivastava were pilot and co-faculties in the programme.

It was a 2 day programme. On first day Dr chari explained the meaning of EPS and elaborated it with several examples. He also explained the importance of a listener who gave response after receiving the message. That response can be perceived in true sense or misinterpreted depending on the concentration of the listener.

He explained SWOT analysis and why it was important for organisations to do this analysis. The full form of SWOT is :
S : strength
W : weakeness
O : Opportunity
T : Threat

Every person or organisation should find out its weakeness and convert it into strength to prosper and grow.

He explained how to do audience analysis. How to prepare presentations i.e by having a Head, Body and conclusion part. The Head and the concuding part should include some catchy statements to draw the attention of the audience.

To become a good speaker one should have proper voice modulations, good expression on face, good eye contact, right posture and language purity.

Practice is the key for good public speaking because if you feel it you can do it.

To become a good presenter you should be a good reader and listener too.

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