Tips for reading a Book and achieving your desired success

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World of Books

A book is a place to discover ocean full of knowledge. It carries information from all over the world. A book lover never gets bored from reading it and his craving increase with the finish of one book to start with the other. There are few tips and tricks for reading a book. First time readers will find difficulty in concentrating but with the passage of time reading will be fun. There is no hard and fast rule for completing a book in 15 days or one month. Read when you feel like reading. This will enhance your knowledge and increase your power of concentration.

First step which needs to be kept in mind is read a book whose subject matter attracts you, reading something just for the sake of reading is mere wastage of time and money. Go to the book store and have a glance at all type of books. Then pick up a book which you feel appealing . Never pick up a book because the person next to you or your friends wants you to read. Everyone has his or her choice. A person can also check authors and books online and then visit a store to purchase a book. Once the book is purchased the next step is to start reading.

Second step is to find an appropriate place for reading where no one will disturb you and you can concentrate. Pick up the book flip through the pages, gain confidence and start reading. Always remember shape, size and color of book never matters, what matters is the content of the book which attracts you. If you want your book to look appealing you can cover it with a color paper of your choice. Once you gain confidence and develop a friendly relationship with the book. You will feel like reading it and not look at your watch from time to time to do other stuffs. Carry a pencil while reading.

Third Step is to underline all important keywords or phrases which attracts your attention. This will help you in referring back to the contents which you have read for better connectivity and recall. Carry a dictionary with you to look for word meanings, it will increase your vocabulary. Note down the word meanings in a note book and read them daily. Also use the new words in written English for better grasp. You can start from one paragraph to one page and thus increase the number of pages according to the available time and reading interest.

Fourth step is to leave a book mark on the page where you have finished reading. This will avoid wastage of time in searching for read contents. When you start reading the next day, just brush up what you had read a day before for better understanding.

Fifth step is to reproduce the contents in your own words to check your level of understanding. This will help you in assessing your retention capacity and will help in improving your writing ability.

Do not wait come explore the world of books and discover the key to a successful and fulfilled life.

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