Second round of Reference Check

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2010-06-15 13:58
Second Reference Check

A lot of questions arise is our mind when we think of going for second round of reference check. Is it really necessary ? Whats the use when we know the results of the first round of reference check ? Will it help me or just increase my expenditure ? Should we do it or hire some one else to do the job ? According to online published reports second round of reference check is beneficial for the company. First Reference check is done to check the records of the selected candidate. To check whether the furnished record are valid or not. Mark sheet and experience certificates can be tampered that's the reason its very necessary to check them. If its the first job references usually consists of professors or seniors who know the person well. If its the second job the previous employer also becomes part of the reference check.

Candidates selected for the job who clear first round of reference check are employed. While those who tampered the records are rejected. Second round of reference check is carried out by the employer to have feedback about the employee. It may so happen that during the course of employment the employee is involved in to any antisocial activity or provided wrong references and phone numbers to get the job. The Current employer can call the previous employer and inquire about the employee. If he is not satisfied he can try calling someone else in the same company and ask for feedback. This will let us know how genuine the employee is. Many employees call their previous employer and request them to say ok to everything so that they don't lose the current job. Let me give you my example – At VinayRas Infotech one of our previous employee called up and said we should say ok to every inquiry question of his current employer as he needed the job. When the HR of his current company called me up i came to know that he has furnished all false documents by forging my signature on them. I was speechless. The HR send me all the documents. There were documents which were never issued by VinayRas Infotech. I told them the reality. They took the matter seriously and stopped his promotion. Its really a very serious matter because a a wrong employee can tarnish the image of the previous company.

Second round of reference check is carried out during promotion or when the quality of work of a particular employee deteriorates. He may be involved in to any antisocial activity or may be looking for other job options when we are considering them for promotion or may be having some personal problems. This second check lets us know the reality. An employer can call up his family or friends and inquire in detail when they are free. Its necessary to keep an eye on each and every employee or a single employee can create lots of problems.
It kills lots of time of the employer so a a trusted person can be given this job of reference check. Now a days many agencies do this job. It will cost but will bear fruitful results and save the future expenditure of the company.

Proper planning is necessary before doing reference check. Plan all questions in advance. Its best to write them on paper or save as doc file to get them when required. Talk to the concerned person when he or she is free and is convenient to talk. The current employer should keep in mind that timing is very important and he should also gain confidence of the references so that they open up.

Its worth going for second round of reference check because a single rotten fish can turn clear water turbid. In the same a one wrong employee can create havoc and pollute the working environment. Take measures and create a good working condition for prosperity of a company.

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