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I conducted training program at Jamshedpur Cooperative Law College on 26th June 2012 for students of LLB Part I. The Principal of the College Jitendra Kumar and retired Dean Faculty of Law Prof T.P. Mandal were present in the program along with the students. The strength of students was good.

The topic of training was Goal setting and Motivation. I started the session and asked the students their expectations from the program. They responded very well. I started the session with What is a Goal and Role of Confidence in setting goals. The discussion took off and then i talked about Mental diet and Self Discipline. The students came up with lots of questions. Some were to the point and rest were not related to the topic. I asked them to concentrate on the subject at hand and concentrate on what was being discussed.

It was a great learning experience for me and learned how to handle trouble some students. Their feedback will help me mold as a person and will really enhance my training experience.

I would like to thank Principal of Jamshedpur Cooperative Law College, Jitendra Kumar and My Dad, Prof T.P Mandal who helped in making this training program a success. Thanks Papa, it would have been very difficult for me to achieve success without your guidelines and motivation. Thanks Papa for being the biggest support of my life.

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