Training Program at Hindi Sindhi School

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2011-09-15 12:50
Training at School

It was a mesmerizing moment to take training program at Hindi Sindhi School, organized by JCI Women's World on 8th September 2011. Zone Director Program, Jc Lovely Singh and Host chapter president Jc Reena Madan were present. After the inaugural of the program i could see 40 naughty smiling faces of class 9th students who were preparing to grill me. I knew i had to satisfy them. The program was on Goal Setting and Motivation. I realized that the problem with these students were that they never realized the importance of Goals and Motivation so they thought it to be very foolish to keep quite and listen to me.

When i started my session, the students opened up and then i posed them with the questions as to what they wanted to do in life. Then answers sprang out from every corner. After one hour discussion they realized that they needed to have clear and specific goals in life, motivation was a crucial factor to drive them to the goals when things went tough. I taught them the real meaning of the proverb “ When the going gets tough, the tough gets going “. They realized the “X” factor which was missing in their life before the program. It felt great to open their eyes and motivate them. I could see the glowing eyes and a changed face with a new outlook towards life and goals. Yeah that is the moment i felt my program to be successful.

I thank all the members of JCI Women's World, Vinay Yadav and Gauri Yadav for making this program a success.

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