My Trainings so far...

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2011-04-22 09:19
Rashmi Priya

I have coached more than 300 participants and have sharpened my skills as a trainer. Everyone ranging from engineers, students, teachers, government servant, Entrepreneur & private sector employees have been benefited by my training programs. It feels great when my participants do a great job after attending my training and giving me feedback that their life and thinking has improved after the training. It is the biggest satisfaction as a trainer. The feedback helps me in polishing my skills and moving a step ahead to satisfy them.

It is a great journey as a trainer. You teach, you train, motivate people, call them to action and change their life. It is really a great path. We all are born with a purpose in life. My purpose in life was to train and educate people in sharpening their soft skills and make them aware of their inner strengths. Every one in this whole world is capable of achieving the impossible but we never try hard for it. My work as a trainer is to motivate these people and make them aware of their inner strengths. By realizing their power my participants have changed themselves and in turn they are creating a better India for the future generation.

Some of my participants had problems even uttering a single word in the mic but after few hours of training they opened up and broke all barriers which was standing between their success and goal. They opened up and i felt proud that my training program was a success. I could see my success in the eyes of the participants. Ah its a great feeling.

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