Messages from the Universe regarding a Big Shift - Feel it

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-09-04 20:26
Divine Message

I have already discussed in my previous articles that the universe communicates with you in various ways by means of signs, sounds, numbers or just people and things around you. When the universe or I would say God wants to pass on the message it will find out mysterious ways of communicating with you and when you fail to pay any attention it will just come in the forefront and not allow you to do anything unless you decode the message which the universe wants to send to you. Now for decoding the message you can either use your own intuition or take the help of Google, it is that simple but do take out some time and find out what that specific message these heavenly beings want to convey to you. When you are hit again and again with the same message it simply means that you should dig deep and look for the answers, it may be that the universe wants to gift you with the biggest gift of a lifetime. I had a bad first marriage and after that, I went into depression and too many health problems but then I fought all of them bravely. That is something that is known to everyone around me that “I am a tough soul and do not easily give in”. I always got support when I needed one but then it was only me who had to endure all the pains and still survive those dreadful moments when death was the best option. I would say God saved me. He always does that because he has chosen me for a purpose which is much bigger than my own imagination, a purpose which is much bigger than my own being, a purpose which cannot be achieved by anyone except me because I am the chosen one, a purpose which will bring a big revolution in the whole world and change the perception of whole mankind.

I came to know about this very lately that it is me and only me who has to do the task. The universe communicates with you by means of bird feathers. I have always found small feathers of birds lying in my corridor whenever the universe wants to communicate about a shift in my world. It was twice that there was something going on inside my head and I wrote them down on paper. Then I went to my bedroom and saw feathers lying in the bedroom near my bed. It is not that easy for the feather to fly down to a place like the middle of the room. I was very surprised to see feathers lying in strange places. It was as if the universe wanted to communicate with me that they have passed the message and I should pay attention to it, that whatever I had written was my only reality. Though it got difficult for me to understand but I tried to get my answers.

The universe also wants me to connect the dots so that I can understand everything at that particular moment. If a doubt appears in my mind then I come across specific messages on the internet through articles, YouTube videos, Whatsapp messages or simply the things around me communicating to me regarding a shift that is going to happen in my life. I saw the letter “8” everywhere. I could not understand what it meant so I did not push myself much. As the month of July passed and I entered into August 2019 everything started shifting. A big shift has happened in my world and only I know that. I cannot tell anyone about it nor will anyone understand. The month of August has changed my complete being and I think that is the only reason I kept seeing number “8” everywhere. Now there is a deep meaning to everything. I like listening to various types of videos on Youtube. One day I just bumped into a message which someone had posted about a God which gives darshan once in 40 years. I was very fascinated and then found that it was lord “Athi Varadaraja” who gives darshan once in 40 years. The last time it gave darshan was in the year 1979, the year when I was born. Then again the God gave darshan in the year 2019, the year I was spiritually awakened. There is a connection somewhere between me and him. Though I cannot figure out anything now but a message has been passed from the universe to me that my questions will be answered in the coming days.

The universe communicates to you through sounds like the voice of birds, now you people will laugh at me that how will someone decode the language of birds. Yes, I am very well aware that your conscious mind cannot do that but yes your subconscious mind can understand all the language since it is directly connected with the universe or I would say, God. God speaks to your subconscious mind and then the same message is passed to your conscious mind when needed. When you have learned how to connect with the source to elevate yourself spiritually you will receive insights on how to move ahead further and even receive proper guidance from the creator himself. The language of the universe is hard to decode but if you learn it then there is no looking back. There are many times when birds, dragonflies flies, butterflies, honey bees, cows, squirrels have just connected with me and passed on the message to me which my subconscious mind received and decoded and then passed the same to my conscious mind because there are many questions which even google could not solve but I got them, I think these creatures were sent by God himself who came in their form to remove dust off the slate which made my whole thinking foggy.

The universe will communicate to you through songs or certain phrases in articles that will just catch your attention and it will not catch anyone else’s attention. The other day I was listening to romantic Hindi songs when one song just struck a chord with me, that was the song from the movie “Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas”, the song was “Seene se tere sar ko laga ka sunta main rahoon naam apna …….”. It is a nice song and I have listened to it 100 times, there was a very specific message which was in the song which God wanted me to understand and that song passed that message to me that the language of the heart is the most powerful force in the entire universe and that is “Love”. Your heart is the seat of love and with love you can create anything in this entire universe. It is love that produces good feelings which leads to happy hormonal secretion and hence a happy life. You can manifest anything in your life when you are in a state of complete bliss because that is the state of God’s. When you are in love your body vibrates at a high frequency which has the power to draw the things you desire towards you but then there should be total faith or the connection will be cut off.

You just keep in mind that when you are an evolved soul who looks beyond the possible things in life than you will be able to see the unknown. The universe will communicate with you through any of the above-mentioned languages and declare to you that a big shift is going to happen in your life and you just need to go with the flow and not resist change because if you resist change then free download cannot happen. When you open up to the messages which you receive from the universe and work on your energies then only you will be able to download the energy which is there for you. I saw letter 8 previously then there was a break but again I am seeing 888. I researched the internet and found that it is a sign of infinite abundance, a sign of a sudden shift in life.

My lovely readers, I want you all to be aware that the universe is communicating with you just understand the encrypted messages and feel the good vibe which is in the air.

Have a great day.

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