A long path, a big Goal, life is full of treasure

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2011-11-18 13:35

The path of life is long and it gives everyone a chance to prove his strengths. Life moves a full circle. It is the same life for all but some make their destinies out of nothing and others lead a normal life. Chances are the same for all and God never did injustice with anyone. Though we get angry on the almighty for giving us less than others. Some grab every opportunity that come their way, others do not know what to do with the treasure of knowledge they have.

Some find excuses while others walk along their path and discover their future. Many leave their work in the midway when they are very close to success, others just keep on working and believe success will come at the right time. The real meaning of life lies in moving on. Not sitting idle. Idleness causes demons workshop in the mind and more stress.

You never know what is hidden in the future for you. Just be sincere in your efforts and move on, do not cheat. Dishonesty will never make you successful but it will take away your peace of mind. Work with full dedication and determination you will feel you destiny walking towards you. It will hold your hand and lead you further.

Never fear what will happen if i get struck. Start off with full planning. You will get support from the whole universe. Just ask for help and you will get help. Never excuse yourself thinking your are less capable or less destined like many others.

I just want to say that life is full of treasure. Work hard, follow your heart and discover all hidden treasures along the way of life. Move on and on till you reach you desired destination. Till then do not stop, do not stop to take a break. I remember a very famous quote here “ If you do what you have been doing, you will get what you had been getting. To get something different, you need to do something which you never did before “. If we keep on doing the same thing again and again it will not give us desired results. To get a different result we need to work differently.

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