Life lessons from the Past days

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2013-06-11 11:03

Looking back in my past days i discover how much time i utilized and how much time i wasted doing useless things which were never important but i did them just to impress people and show people how different i was, how intelligent i was. It is only later in life that i realized if i am great or intelligent i don’t need to prove anyone nor do i need approval of anyone to tell me who i am.
I realized i could have been successful much before but the delay was just due to my own attitude and personal belief.

There are various incidents which happens in every person's life which helps them learn and then move on. Few people realize it earlier while others take a long time to realize. Playing the blame game and criticizing the whole world to be a reason for our failure, lets look within and catch all the positive energy of the universe to make our life successful. The definition of success is different for different people and you cannot compare your life with someone else’ life. The surroundings, upbringing and the discipline differs from family to family. Some taste success very soon while rest have to struggle a lot. It depends upon the circumstances and also our attitude. A boy born in a successful entrepreneurs family is more likely to learn all the business traits of running a enterprise which others may not know. Others learn all the business fundas by trial and error because you cannot apply theory everywhere.

Looking back i realize i hesitated from taking decisions for the fear of failure but now i know success and failures are part of life and to become a good entrepreneur one must fail to be successful in life. Failures teaches us to start again, to remain humble and respect everyone who helped us reach the top so that when we fall back they are there to support us. Make friends on your way up the ladder because the quality time which we spend outside our home helps a lot in maintaining our happiness quotient.

A person needs to be a good manager in both personal and professional life and should know anger management to be successful in life. Women entrepreneurs have to manage both home and work and they need to be very efficient in both. The maid servants are really helpful but when they take a holiday the stress and tension mounts up but when we take a decision to manage things best, life flows smoothly and instead of cursing everyone we try to do what is important and then carry the rest of the day with a positive frame of mind.

I think it is all on our thinking as to what is a burden on us and what we can do. It is our own limiting thoughts which stops us from moving ahead in life. We need to grow ourselves and look a little higher rather than concentrating on small small things and limiting beliefs. There are many things which are in our hands so i think we should do our bit and leave the rest on God.

Life lessons from the past are really great so if you too have something to share do share in the comments section.

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