Interview Tips

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Are you one of them whose legs tremble and sweating starts when going for an interview. Here are few tips for you so that you are confident while giving an interview.

Interview Tips -

1) Prepare well in advance for the interview so that when the call letter comes you are not nervous.
2) Collect details of the company you are going to appear for in the interview.
3) Prepare a list of probable questions from internet as well as with the help of your friends.
4) Have several mock interview before the actual interview date.
5) Brush up your knowledge as the interviewer may ask you anything.
6) Don't try to fool the interviewer.
7) Be true to yourself when answering questions.
8) Don't try to lie or bluff. If you are lying back up with contents so that you are not caught.
9) Don't contradict your resume.
10) Don't look nervous while answering questions. You should feel and look confident.
11) Sit straight and don't slouch while answering questions.
12) Don't shake your legs and don't keep them crossed it give a negative feeling. It shows you are not serious about the interview.
13) Look in to the eyes of the interviewer while answering questions. It shows that you are confident.
14) Don't bite your nails.
15) Speak in language you are free with. Don't speak a lot in English if you have little knowledge of nouns and verbs.
16) Don't fumble and try to play with words. The interviewer is not a fool.
17) Tell sorry for those questions you are not familiar with or have little knowledge about.
18) If your throat is running dry tell excuse me and ask for water. Dont drink the water which is kept on the table for them.
19) Maintain eye contact with all the interviewers.
20) Try to maintain cordial relations with all of them.
21) Keep your Hands on the table and don't play with hands while answering
22) Be courteous.
23) Always carry your original papers, a blank A-4 sheet, writing pen, handkerchief with you.
24) Dress properly. Don't wear dark colors. Wear light shades.
25) Don't wear a lot of jewelery or any heavy stuff for the interview. keep them for parties.
26) Especially for ladies - Don't apply a dark shade lipstick or nail polish.If having long hairs keep them tucked in knot. Short hairs can be left free.
27) Don't wear very high boots as you may fall.
28) This tip is especially for people wearing spectacles - Please for God sake don't play with it during interview.
29) Give a positive impact while giving interview. Don't show you are too negative.
30) Listen to your interviewers carefully.

Most important Tip is that say " Excuse Me " before entering. Greet the interviewers at the time of entering and also at the time of leaving.

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