Internet – A Boon or Bane

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Internet – A Boon or Bane

Its 21st century and the world is moving at the pace of light. Internet helps us in connecting to the whole world just at the click of the button. You can chat, send mails and update your knowledge by browsing all types of sites. Its cheap. If you think of calling everyone it will cost you a lot. But there should be limitations to everything. You must have heard the proverb “Anything in excess causes damage “. To a certain limit its really great. You can do video conferencing and learn new stuffs without moving places. But once things exceed limits problems start evolving. Its a good place to blog, share ideas, do marketing and let the whole world know what you are doing without spending a pie.

When you get addicted you just go on surfing net and lose your social network of friends. You feel more secured at home and in front of computer. You have lots of online friends so you dont feel the need to share all stuffs with parents. It makes you more homely and sickly person. We all are social animals and its one of our basic need. You remain wake up in the night for long hours so that you can chat with all your friends and you are available all the time. Children dont understand what is right and what is wrong and they sometimes get trapped in a bad network of friends and start doing sex talk at a tender age, the age when they should concentrate more on studies. Family values gets eroded. Todays generation is too smart and they have developed short cuts for everything, they talk in tits and bits which elders can never make out.

According to Times of India report parents in china are taking harsh measures to cure their internet addicted children. They are being taken to specialist who are giving them shock treatment so that they can lead a normal social life.

Technology is upgrading and we should be updated. But everything should be in a check so that things moves smoothly.

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