I love what i do – Do you love your Job ?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2011-05-07 11:34

Its a great pleasure writing this article as i don't need to remember anything. Its all in my subconscious mind and my hands are moving on the keyboard. Oh what is happening. Yes because today no theory, no practicals and no great quotation only my true feeling are going to be expressed as i am writing today on “ I love what i do “. I loved writing articles so rashmipriya.com was born where i could share my whole lot of feelings and experiences. I could write what i felt and needed no approval from the third party to publish my articles. I am writing since last 5 years and i have really improved a lot as i practice article writing when ever i am free. I love managing my company VinayRas Infotech, i never get tired working there and do not look at the watch till work is over. I manage my work from both home and office but there are no regrets as i love what i do. I have to play different roles in the company and its never that i just sit at my chair. I interact with my employees and communicate with them. Its always a two way communication and never one way. I have matured as a person and the growing years have taught me a lot.

I love reading books, magazines and newspaper and when ever i got hold of something worth reading i never left it. Its my hobby and i never get bored doing the same thing again and again. How could i get bored i was doing something which i loved doing. I enjoyed every bit of it and never ever took long vacations until i had to visit my in laws or parents home. My sisters used to inquire Rashmi don't you get bored doing the same work every day as we are tired of studying. I used to laugh and say that it was my passion and i wanted to do whatever i was doing till i took the last breadth and left this earth. I always wanted to live in the hearts of people and bring changes in lives of millions of people by contributing my knowledge. I knew there are many who need someone to show them a direction and to teach them the facts of life. I realized that apart from running VinayRas Infotech i had other purpose to serve that was to share my knowledge with the whole world and teach them the practicals of life which was never written in books. There are many people who are opening schools and colleges and giving shape to their dreams where students can get quality education and can become citizens. I too have a desire to train these students so that they got employer friendly.

I want to reach every college and groom these shining stars of India so that they do not face the NO-VACANCY board but are hired for their soft skills and knowledge. I started Attitude School as i had a passion for teaching. I knew as a trainer i could change life of millions of people and make them employable. Yes i have realized i have a purpose to serve. Vinay my Hubby always told me “ Do good work and your work will get recognized and rest will follow”. I got panicky at times when things did not worked according to my plans. But yes there is sunshine every day and the stars will not keep shining though out the day, that is the belief i carried. Attitude School has been opened with a mission to serve the students and to groom them as good working professionals, to groom the working class who have problems due to mental block. Its my dream and i love working for all my organizations and never get tired playing different roles as a mother, home maker and working professional.

Do what you love doing and live a fulfilled life.

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