Stress Management – A Daily Routine

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2012-12-20 14:57

What is stress ? Stress is something which takes away the peace of our mind. What happens when we lose peace of mind ? We get disturbed and we are not able to work. Our thinking gets negative and we blame everyone for all the wrong things which happen with us. So now we are in stress.

I would say that it is you who has created this situation and only you can take the decision how to get out of it. What causes stress in our day to day life ? It is our family, friends, social networking websites and people around us. We also put on stress when we see the other person rising and compare our self with that person. Friends i want to say that stress is a feeling and you are the creator of it. You can decide whether a particular situation will put stress on you or not. Change your perception, change the way you look at things, change the way you look at life, change your outlook towards your surroundings and you will see and feel a new person within you with peace of heaven.

I would say to remain stress free do friendship with happiness, good feelings, lively and creative people and read good motivational books. Our brain is congested with too many thoughts and feelings and when we put more burden on it we get stressed. What we can do is get rid of those feelings which are taking away the joy of life by forgiving everyone who harmed us or has hurt us in some way or the other. This will free us from thoughts of hatred. Once all the negative thoughts move out of our brain all good things start occupying the space and creates good feelings which in turn creates good health. Get in to the habit of reading good motivational books of Authors like Dale Carnegie, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield etc. Choose a book which you really want to read according to your own preference. Read a motivational quote everyday to glue your self to your goals. Once you start focusing on your goals everything else falls apart. This also makes you stress free and you attract good things and success in your life.

It is you who chooses to be stressed or stress free. God never gave you stress. It is you who created it and find difficulty dealing with it. I would suggest you that when you are home after completing your days task talk to your God and release your stress. This way you free yourself of all negative emotions and start next day with new vigor and passion. I am suggesting this because this is what i do. Life moves on and no one waits for a person who is left behind in the race due to stress or failure. To keep your self energetic feed your mind with good food which makes you happy. Only a cool and calm mind can be 100 % productive. You cannot work if you have got an inflated ego because it always wants someone to satisfy it and craves for undue importance which causes stress. To remain stress free, free yourself of all the wrong self image with which you attach yourself. Free yourself out of the prison, free yourself of all the burden.

Get into the habit of helping others do not try to pull someone down to get recognition because it will stress you in the long run and take away the peace of your life. Start your day with a good morning by being grateful for everything you have in life rather than complaining about things you lack. This feeling of abundance gives you peace of mind and joy. Every person cannot have everything which is a big truth of life. Some or the other thing will be missing so why let the situations govern you, instead you govern them and show how strong you are. Every person who did something big too had problems but they dealt with it and moved ahead in life. Try to follow them and read about them to keep you active.

Remember people around you wear the hat of well wishers and ditch you at the back. You are not prepared to deal with it and get stressed. Plan ahead and look at all the possible outcomes, do your homework well so that no one around you can take away your success. People will comment and even try to bog you down with their opinions but only you know your capability so keep your spirits high and move on stress free. Few people around you are angry with you or are jealous of you as they lost their opportunity and feel you to be their competitor. Never feel let down, something came to you because you deserved it, not by chance. So do not be unhappy or feel guilty. Run the race, stay in competition and update yourself regularly to grow and avoid undue tension.

You cannot take a break and still consider yourself in the league. You need to work hard with full passion, devotion and honesty to live the life you want and be stress free. Stress is a good servant but a bad master. When you let the stress overcome you you get diseased. But when you master your stress it brings you huge success in every sphere of life because it makes you disciplined and teaches you time management which in turn tunes your life.

Self discipline is very important because most of the time we manage others and forget our own selves which suffers a lot. Once we take the initiative and start managing our day to day activities life gets more simple. The new mantra for life is “Stop Complaining Start Living”. I would suggest everyone to stop complaining and start living to make their lives stress free and tension free.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m