How to Convert an Interview Call in to a job Prospect

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2010-06-09 12:32
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We are very happy when we receive a call letter from the company where we posted our resume. We receive date and timings for interview.
There are few things which should be kept in mind so that an interview goes successful and we get the job -

1)Find out each and every detail of the company where you have applied for interview. You will be asked questions about the company. Interviewers are impressed when you let them know the details.

2)Know your subject well. You will be asked practical as well as theoretical questions.

3)Search the internet and make a list of all probable questions which could be asked and be prepared with the answers.

4)Practice as many mock interviews as possible because they make you confident and your voice does not shakes when you speak during real interview.

5)Questions on team spirit and leadership skill should be answered with a related real life story.

6)You prepare a list of all projects and recall what role you played in them so that you don't mislead the interviewer during the actual interview.

7)Check your references and call them up. Tell them about the interview so that they remember you and answer everything correctly.

8)If you are a working professional you will be asked questions about your present job, why you want to leave it, what future you see with them, how will you benefit them as well as why they should take you ? They will also ask questions where you have to show your leadership qualities in handling a project and leading a team.

Attitude matters a lot and with right attitude you can make a lot of difference. Many candidates are rejected because of their overconfident attitude. Interviewer is always looking for a suitable candidate, its you who has to tell them that you are the right candidate for the required position. Gestures and posture should be taken care of because they speak louder than words.

Every question should be taken seriously and not answered with a laid back attitude. You should keep in mind that there are thousands of candidates applying for the same post, Why should some one select only you ? You have to be different and make your self visible in the crowd.

After the interview is over you can write a thank you note to the interviewer. You can take their email addresses and be in touch with them. If this interview does not materializes they will let you know about other interviews. Don't exaggerate yourself or overdo. Don't be impatient to know the results by calling them up. If you are selected they will probably call you. Answer the phone with a soft voice not a loud or noisy one. Sound professional while answering any call from the Company where you gave interview. All the best.

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