Good Resume

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2007-07-18 07:27

Finding a job is an easy task if you have worked hard and have good knowledge of what you have studied. If you don't work hard in college and school days you wont get a job which you are looking for.

How to prepare a Resume -

1) Prepare your resume in a good manner. Know where to place contents.
2) Don't use italics, it hampers readability.
3) Show the projects which you have worked with proper description, number of days, team size on which platform.
4) You should always mention the good projects at the top.
5) If you are a person with work experience show it at top below your objective
6) Don't try and copy paste others objective it gives a bad impresion to the employer.
7) Mention a relevant phone number because when you are selected you will be called on this number.
8) Mention a relevant Mailing Address because when you are selected you will be sent joining letter on this Address.
9) Mention a relevant email id. I have seen people writing 2 - 3 id's and only one works. Never do this. It shows your negligence.
10 ) Mention Achievements relevant to the Job you are looking for.

Make a presentable and good resume.

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