Discover ancient healing through Yoga

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Yoga is the best healer which heals all ailments of your body along with keeping you fit. There are so many medical problems for which you have to eat many allopathic medicines which cause side effects in the long term. Yoga heals the body naturally, brings peace to the mind and soul. Ancient rishi munis kept themselves fit by doing yoga. The body heals itself naturally through yoga because it causes good blood circulation. All ailments all caused due to lack of proper blood circulation. Yoga keeps the mind and body balanced. You can perform good work when you are at peace. Get your peace through worship, meditation, and yoga. There are various asanas which can be done to maintain a good body. I would say start from the basic. Master it and then move on to the advanced ones. Learn yoga under the supervision of an expert yoga teacher before you start practicing them yourself at home. Yoga is a good healer, but it can even injure you if it is not practiced properly.

All yoga asanas are good for the body but then you have to figure out as to what suits you and your body. You will not be able to do all yoga asanas so listen to your body and make the right decision. Some of the yoga pose well for beginners are - Vajrasana, Bhujangasana, Kandharasana, Balasan, Uttanasana. Then you move on to the advanced poses like Chakrasana, Sarvangasana, Paschimottanasana, Halasana, Natarajasana, Janushirasana. There are many yoga poses, but here I am talking about the ones I practice.

To get maximum benefits of yoga, you should practice it regularly. A long break will not help. With regular practice, you will see that life is getting better and you need fewer medicines to keep your health intact. Yoga gives flexibility to your body, maintains your youth, gives a glow to your skin, calms your mind, awakens your soul and quiets the mind. Yoga keeps your body in best shape. Eat a balanced diet and see the miracles happening along with yoga.

Master the basic yoga poses and then move on to the advanced ones. Yoga is a boon for ladies. Ladies go through lots of hormonal changes in each phase of their life. This leads to lots of health complications along with mood swings. Yoga will help balance the hormones and make you look your best. After childbirth, the tummy which protrudes out can be tucked with regular practice of yoga. The magic will happen in months and not in few days. Chakrasana and Paschimottanasana are two poses which helped me in getting back my pre-delivery tummy. Yoga asanas along with a balanced diet like dal, roti, green vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy products etc will help you maintain good health. Your body should never be hemoglobin deficient. To be energetic, you need to eat properly, drink 10-12 glasses of water daily and do yoga to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Yoga can be practiced for 15 minutes to half an hour to one full hour. Depending upon the amount of time you can dedicate to yoga, you choose your time span. I practice yoga for one complete hour. I am a fitness freak and if you are someone like me go ahead and do one hour yoga. You can practice yoga for 5 days in a week and allow your body to heal for rest of the two days. Your body will ache at the start and that ache may continue for few days before your body gets used to yoga. But if the aches and pains are caused by a particular yoga posture and not going away, discontinue that pose and meet your health care professional if needed. Do not injure yourself. People can get injured during yoga practice. Do what suits your body and is comfortable to you. Do not copy or practice the advanced poses of yoga if it does not suit you.

Every lady wants to be slim and trim, but then everyone cannot get it. It is absolutely ok. Get comfortable with your own body.
Along with yoga and diet, maintain a proper schedule of waking and sleeping on time to maintain good health. Your health is your wealth and maintain this biggest wealth on this planet earth by doing Yoga.

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