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brave heart

A Brave Heart conquers all - Are you a tough Soul?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-07-17 18:14
Tough Soul

A person who writes his own success story is not someone from an alien land but he is also made of the same stuff which everyone else is made up of but there is a difference in mentality and thinking. Do you think that a lean and thin person is weak while a fat person is brave? I would say “No” because your stature never determines your courage. It is your own mentality and inner toughness which decides the journey of your life. It is your strengths which determines how much risks you will take in life and which paths you will avoid.

Break the Barriers - Move ahead towards a new life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2013-01-28 13:15
new person.jpg

Everyone seeks social acceptance and feels happy when accepted. According to Maslow’s Theory of Needs - After food, clothing and shelter a person has the need to be liked or to be socially accepted. Many people live their life to please others but there are few who lead their life according to their own terms whether they are accepted or not. It is a courageous decision to trod a new path which has not been chosen before or do something which no one appreciates. But there are few who do that and make the impossible possible because they have the courage to walk alone.

Destined to do specific things in life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2010-11-17 13:47

I believe that all of us on this earth are destined to fulfill specific purpose in life and once that purpose is fulfilled we leave. We plan our future but as we move on in life we find ourselves on different path and doing something very different from what had been planned. We meet many people in our life time who help us in accomplishing things meant for us. They stay with us and once their purpose is fulfilled they depart. I will quote my example here – When i was studying MBA i planned to work in a good Multinational Company and earn good living.

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