A Brave Heart conquers all - Are you a tough Soul?

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Tough Soul

A person who writes his own success story is not someone from an alien land but he is also made of the same stuff which everyone else is made up of but there is a difference in mentality and thinking. Do you think that a lean and thin person is weak while a fat person is brave? I would say “No” because your stature never determines your courage. It is your own mentality and inner toughness which decides the journey of your life. It is your strengths which determines how much risks you will take in life and which paths you will avoid. The work which you do, the decisions you make, your overall personality, everything speaks about you. When someone talks with you he comes to know what type of person you are. Life is good, joyful and worth living. There is nothing on this earth which can give you peace other than your own self. You are the only one who creates problems for you and you are the one who is capable of solving all your tough problems even those which seems never-ending superficially. It is only when you get to the bottom of the problems that you start getting solutions to it, those which you were looking for but could not get or I would say you were aware of the solutions but you did not have the courage to face them but now you have grown up as a person and are ready to face life’s challenges head-on. A brave heart is something which is needed when you need to make your toughest decision because it involves lots of risks so it is very important that you convert yourself into a tough soul, keep the faith and decide the best for you. Life is never a smooth sail and the journey is unpredictable but that does not mean that all the times you will try and play safe. Sometimes you need to decide what to do even when you cannot see what lies ahead clearly. I would say most of us make a decision according to the vision which we can foresee in the future where our dreams are yet to manifest into reality but we have the guts to go ahead with it now.

There will be times when your whole planning will fail, the work which you did for years thinking it would reap fruits, in the long run, may turn rancid and you have to start all over again. It is never easy to make adjustments at least when you have put your heart and soul into something and worked for years only to find out that the technology is obsolete and you cannot apply it now. That is the worst thing which can happen to any Entrepreneur or a budding start-up, in those moments of despair a true person is tested as to how much brave he is in his heart. I always say a tough soul will emerge as a winner no matter what. Even if you put these kinds of people into the worst of problems and give them minimum resources, they have the capability of building something out of nothing. They will manage everything and even write a successful destiny for themselves. I truly believe that a brave heart conquers all be it any kind of problems, personal, family, professional or just anything. These souls have the capability to patiently analyze the problem, spend time with the problem, study everything with patience, get to the root cause of the problem and emerge as a real winner. These are the tough souls who are not easy to break because they are made of a different mindset which is not easy to find. A person with an extraordinary mindest always stands out in the crowd of people having an ordinary perspective towards everything in life. I have seen some people spending time with their fears so that they can get to the root cause of the fear only to cure that particular fear permanently so that these fears do not come to haunt them in the night. Once a fear is conquered, you can face similar situations and still maintain your peace because you know how to handle it. Things are not easy and so is life, it is you who make it easy by the way you handle your life and life’s problems.

Sometimes when I would get stuck in my decision-making process regarding any problem, my dad would advise me not to think too much and just stay with my problems for some time so that they do not fear me anymore and when I spend some extra time with my problems I will get all my solutions. The solutions which I was looking for because life’s best lessons come disguised in the form of problems so that we can evolve into better human beings and become a tough soul. If life would have been easy every person would have been successful and the very glory of living life would have been lost. Did you ever think, if the seas were always calm it would never have created a good sailor and so is life, if there would have been no challenges or problems in life our whole purpose of life would have been meaningless? We would have just lived and died without making much contributions to humanity as a whole. The monkeys evolved into human beings because they were subjected to changing needs and challenging times which made it necessary for them to evolve into homo sapiens. If our ancestors would not have strived to do their best and challenge their limits things would have been completely different now. There is a need for a brave heart everywhere because you will see that there is some or other problem which is existing in the society. It is very necessary that we raise our voice now or our rights would be suppressed by people in power. When you raise your voice against any evil which exists in the society and you take measures to bring out the change then you are a tough soul. You need to conquer many small fights before you can reach the actual person who is responsible for decision making, who has the power to solve your problems.

Many voices are shut down by influential people by wrong methods and it is only a person with a brave heart who can raise his voice and fight for his rights or his voice will also become one among the masses and there will be no change-makers in the society. The people who accept whatever is happening around them can never make things happen, it is only the work of tough souls who raise their voice and fight with the top-notch people to get what they are entitled to. You always have to raise your voice because if you keep quiet and look for solutions in the wrong places you are never going to get any solutions. If you just talk within your own circle then nothing is going to happen, you actually have to have a brave heart and be prepared for the consequences of the actions you take then only you can stand for what you want. Your physical stature never matters, what matters in the toughness you have inside you. People can bruise you from outside but no one can break you from inside if you are a tough soul. No one can take away your self-confidence from you if you know that whatever you are doing is right and it will bring a respectable change in your own life and life of others. No one had the guts to do it but you gathered all the courage and did what was thought impossible by others. Things which seemed impossible previously were actually made possible by people who dared and did it.

If you have got a brave heart along with a tough mind then you are a hard soul which cannot be stopped or broken easily. When you decide a path, just act and do what is necessary without bothering about the consequences. Have faith in the higher powers that whatever will happen will happen for good and everything will work out in the last, though the picture looks imperfect now, with the passage of time you will be able to connect all the dots backward and extract right meaning from it. Sometimes whatever you are doing seems very vague and you feel lost, it is absolutely ok to feel that way. Just take proper measures to work towards your goals, today or tomorrow you will make things happen and shine as a bright light in the lives of other people. You will be able to bring a respectable change in the society at large and people will respect you for whatever you did.

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