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I conducted training program at Government Hospital Bhandara on Professional Etiquette and Communication Skills for Nurses under the banner of JCI Nagpur Lady Legend on 27th July 2012. I started the program with What is Etiquette ? Personal Grooming and qualities to make yourself presentable. All of them listened with curiosity and learnt that their dress code was meant for a purpose. Anything which we wear speaks about ourselves.

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Soft Skills Training Institute

After a 5 day tiring work schedule an employee gets totally exhausted. This employee will not contribute effectively until and unless he has a calm mind and low stress level. This is where soft skills training comes in the fore front. It not only helps De-stress an employee but also teaches them new skills a healthy way. A well equipped trainer knows how to craft a training program to maintain a learning and light atmosphere. It is well proved scientifically that a light atmosphere leads to more learning than a tensed up atmosphere covering theories.

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