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The meaning of success is different to different people. A person can taste success after winning a school race while others feel success only after winning Olympics, so the very definition of success is different for everyone. A housewife feels successful after making the best recipe from a recipe book. Entrepreneurs feel successful after creating a big global enterprise, so success carries different meaning for different person. Success is directly attached to goals. The goals which you set for your career, family and your personal life. Once you achieve those you feel successful.

Money and Power Craze

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2009-06-08 20:09

“Lust for anything is bad “ we all have heard this famous saying. But when it comes to practicing we usually forget what we have learned. Its useless to run after money. You do your work and cash will flow in. Don't run after money because it will land you no where and at last you will be lost and will be left with nothing. On the other hand if you work hard and do your work things will go better day by day and you will add value to your life and you bank account will be flooded.

Our Honesty

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2007-09-07 12:16

I Was really moved by the Article published on “Readers Digest” - How honest are we.

Its an article on survey carried out by readers digest team to know if generation of today are honest or not.

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