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How to handle Emotions in Life?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-08-17 18:24
Cute Bird

This is an article that has been requested by one of my readers. We all are human beings and I would say we are a tiny spec on this huge planet called earth where we all reside and handling emotions is the biggest challenge. First, let me tell you that your emotions are governed by planetary forces. When a planet shifts, goes retrograde, moves direct or conjuncts there is a certain change in energy in the entire universe and so there is a shift in your emotions as well. When you have a full moon or no moon day, then also your emotions get affected. There are many other forces that exist between planet earth and heaven which are not known to anyone except the creator of the universe that is God which also causes a shift in our emotions. Now, these are the planetary aspects, let's discuss other aspects of emotions. Your body is nothing but a bundle of vibrations which is created by your thinking and the way you feel from inside your heart. When you feel happy you are in a good mood while when you are sad you don’t feel like doing anything. Your heart feels and your minds just process information. Sometimes it is the mind which creates a thought and your heart feels it and you get happy or sad. We all are human beings and thus we have emotions.

I would say your emotions are a gift from the divine because if you don’t feel anything then you cannot be living. It is only a dead person who does not feel anything. Every living creature on this earth has emotions be it plants or animals, I sometimes feel even the things which we label as nonliving also carry emotions. People say rocks don’t have a life but in history, there is a story of a sage who asked the mountain to reduce its height so that he could cross over it. Now the biggest question is if there is no life in rocks how could the mountain reduce its height so that the sage could cross over. I personally believe everything on this earth is living and has life in it. If you give a good treatment to it, it will respond the same way and if you mistreat it then be prepared for the bad outcomes. Your own energy resonates with the objects you come across in life so talk lovingly the entire universe is listening with open ears. I myself find it difficult to handle emotions in my life but then I never let my sorrows or pains to take over my life. I have learned the bitter truth of life the hard way. I have learned that when you love someone be prepared to handle the pain because if the other person does not reciprocate it you will feel half dead but when you don’t bother much about the outcome and just do your karma i.e love the other person in spite of expecting anything in return then you will have no pain. It is the expectation which is the main culprit of sorrows and when you detach from the outcome you also detach your self from the pain. Feel happy with whatever you have and be rest assured that God will give you the best and the worst is over.

When you change your thinking your life changes when your life changes the very life force which is attached to you changes and you emerge as a new person with renewed energy, a new soul which is much different from the old self. People will see that new spark in your eyes and feel your new energy and even compliment you that they never felt the same way with you before. It is your new you who is responsible for your happiness and those of other people around you. It is only when you expect less and gives more than your own life gets better. When you have too high expectations about the outcomes that is the only time you get disheartened. Just do your karma, do your work, remember man proposes and God disposes. What is destined for you will be in your life and the things or people who are not meant to be in your life will enter and leave your life. You have to accept reality, you cannot stay in the fantasy world. The truth of life may be bitter but then you have to accept it, you cannot deny the fact which exists. If you want to live in your own fantasy world at times then do it but be aware of the reality and have an idea that your fantasy world is just your fantasy and not your reality. I too sometimes find it difficult to handle my own emotions. I am also after all a human being. I also sometimes live in my fantasy world but then I come out of it and accept my life at face value because I know that my fantasies are just mine and they do not exist in the outside world.

You can create your own new reality by thinking about positive things in life so that good things happen in your life. Let emotions flow through you but you do not let your life be governed by them. If you find it hard to detach from your current emotions then just go out and spend some time with your loved ones and friends. You may get answers to your questions or you may get your solutions, once you feel sorted then it won’t be difficult to handle your emotional turmoil which is taking away your peace of mind. Listen to songs that is what I do. I literally listen to songs on full volume on my mobile so that no thoughts can creep in my mind which makes me sad. When I am busy with work then I am just working so this way you can handle your own emotions. Do yoga, it not just good for the mind but also for the body. You will feel at peace. I make it a point to practice yoga daily for 45 minutes because I know if I don’t do yoga I will be an agitated being. I am a writer and motivational speaker, I motivate people to come out of their tough situations and handle what life throws at them, I need to be in peace. How can I give peace to my audience when I am not at peace myself, so my biggest retreat from the outside world is to do yoga.

Connect with the divine and he will give you peace. You don’t need to do long hours of puja just to pray and connect with your God. Just fold your hands in front of him or just close your eyes and just remember him. Be just with him and only him when you are in his thoughts. You will feel a sense of calm inside you because God gives you peace. People call it meditation but I simply call it a way to connect with the divine. Take out some time for your God since he is your creator and you should connect with him as you connect with your parents, he is a universal parent so we should connect with him. He will look after you, hold your hands when you need him the most, he will be with you and even speak to you through your intuition but then you should be true in your connection with the creator then only he will revert back the same to you. Have faith that things will turn out the best in your favor. If you are going through a hard time don’t mourn and sit idle or wait for things to get better but you yourself get into the driver seat of your life and do your karma and leave the rest on God. Do not think too much because overthinking makes you sad and creates problems for you.

Your life which has been gifted by God to you is the biggest gift of the divine to you so live a good happy life and work to your full potential because that is what God wants you to do. He does not want you to just keep praying with folded hands all the time. He wants you to fulfill your purpose here on this earth and do your best. Then you will see that you will feel happy and get a huge success. What more do you want then? You will get all the pleasures of life when you fulfill your purpose. Each one is here for a purpose. Learn how to handle your emotions by facing all the challenges in life bravely and accepting the reality because you cannot run away from the bitter truth of life. Accept the worst and make it work in your favor. Learn from your past mistakes and learn how to handle the emotions that you generate during those hard times. You will see with each passing day you will get better at handling your own emotions which drove you nuts before. Now you are progressing in life and you will soon find yourself in a place when your emotions will not create problems for you but propel you to move ahead in life.

Live your best life, be happy and spread happiness. My good wishes are with you all.

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