Your own potential to complete a task which is hidden from you

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You must have heard many people coming to you and saying that you are capable of doing much more than you think you can. You sometimes undermine your own self and your potential to do something. You have this potential in you which others can see but you are not aware of it. While others believe that you can do it, you still don’t have faith in your own capabilities until one fine day when you have no other option just to do it because you face a do or die situation. When you face such a situation you find out your true hidden potential something which others could see but you were not aware of. I have seen “N” number of people who are capable of doing so many things leading mediocre lives because they think they cannot do an extraordinary job and hence in the process they programme their mind to believe the reality which they are thinking.

Go beyond what you think is possible, stretch your limits, have faith that you can do it, this very thinking will help you in crossing your own limits. There were times when I did not believe I could do it but others around me believed that I could and I really did it. They realized my potential which I could not feel myself. I went to attend National Train The Trainer Seminar organized by Junior Chamber International India (JCI India) in Jaipur in the year 2012. It was 5 days programme. We had to give various presentations each day after training sessions. We were hardly allowed to sleep because there was so much workload of preparing and delivering presentations. I was finding very difficult to cope but I tried my level best. I cleared the programme and was given the certificate of National Trainer from JCI India. When I returned home with flying colors my husband said he knew I could do it. I was very astonished to hear that. He said he had faith in my potential, so you see I could not realize my potential at that time while others around me could clearly see it.

When you believe you can do it you are able to do it even if you lack the courage to do it because the very thinking creates a mindset which is capable of overcoming all hurdles which will come along the way of achievement of your goal. I love listening to motivational videos and one of the videos really touched me which said we are all made in alignment with God. We all know that God can do anything so can we when we realize our own potential to achieve the best which we are capable of achieving. Realize your hidden capabilities and just go ahead. Sometimes other people will push you beyond your own limits and other times it is you who has to go beyond your own limits and show the whole world out there what you are capable of doing. Just do it, believe that you can do it, have faith in yourself, just think that you are born to fulfill a certain purpose in life and God has given you enough capabilities to do it. You just have to realize it and harness your true potential. You are capable of achieving what you want in life but just thinking won’t do, you have to get down to work and do your karma to move ahead in life.

There is so much potential in each one of you that if you committed to being excellent in your field, nothing could stop you. You just have to believe in yourself. You want to start your own venture and there are many successful people in that field, you feel how much time it will take for you to create your own mark. Just start off and don’t doubt yourself. Every person who is successful today started small and then grew in the process. You will also grow in the long run just trust yourself. Your trust will help you climb various obstacles which will come along the way. You will have to make various tough decisions and move ahead before you can get that first glimpse of success. You create your own success by realizing your true potential which is hidden within you and is resting before you get down to work and face challenges in your life one by one. I am writing this from my own experience because when I had to face a situation where I had no option but to do it with 0% knowledge of how to do it. I did it and then I realized that I had the potential of doing lots of things but this was something which was hidden with me. It is only at times when I need to harness it that my hidden potential will come out and help me in getting my work done.

I am sure it happens to everyone. You are born with lots of abilities but with time they just sleep because you do not use them. It is only when you use your 100% potential that you find out how much you are capable of achieving. Your dormant hidden potential comes to life when you have no other option but to face the worst and bring out the best from those negative circumstances and I know many of you have done it at some point of your life. Do not fall prey to other people's judgments and negative opinions, you just believe in yourself. When your boss chooses you for a certain task do not go out and say that you are not capable of doing it. He can see that potential in you that you can do it and grab that order which the company is looking for. Have faith in yourself even when you do not realize your true capabilities. People who rise the ladder of success are able to do so because they realized their potential or others could see it in him and helped him in climbing higher. So the next time when your boss chooses you for work just say yes and do it.

When you need help you will get help. The doors which are locked in the future will open “N” number of possibilities for you so that you can harness your true potential and reach the pinnacle of success. Even if you cannot see the road ahead and do not know how to reach your destination have faith that you will eventually see it as you move ahead. You will meet people who will help you because they have faith in your potential. Just start and don’t get afraid. Your fear will only pull you down and will not serve you in any way so overcome them. Sometimes the negativity around you or few of your own failures will lead to self-doubt but you do not let these stand in your way. You believe in your potential to move ahead in spite of all the rough circumstances. You will see that you will pass all the hurdles with flying colors. Give a pat on your back that you have realized your true potential and help others in finding theirs.

Best of Luck.

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