Your Logical Mind, Heart felt feeling and your Eyes define your world

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Right Intention

This beautiful life is the gift of God to humanity. We create our own reality by the way we look at things around us and believe in. Our eyes are windows to the world, they see everything and it is our mind which churns all the information and gives the definition of good, bad or ugly. What you want to see is important because your eyes see what you want to see and not what really exists? That is the reason different people see the same situation differently and give their opinion. One person can see a problem while another person can see a solution in the same situation. It is all a matter of perception. You see what you are looking for? You create your own realities. You define a situation and then you find out the problem and get a solution. How perfect your solution is, depends on how minutely you studied the problem. Eyes see and it is the mind which processes all the perceived information and then applies logic to it by syncing all the information. You define a person as good or bad depending on the logic of your mind. Your eyes just see a person, his exterior, his dressing sense, his way of speaking and how he treats you. It is your mind which processes all the information and then tells you how the other person is. This helps you a lot because when you understand the other person fully it is easy for you to deal with him. You know whether you can do friendship with him, whether you can do business with him or can you conclude your sales with him.

There are few people who have a good understanding of other people around them and this helps them in soaring great heights. It is the art of handling people. Your heart plays a vital role because it generates feelings according to the vibes it senses from the other person and these vibes help you in understanding the person better. Your heart, mind, and eyes are not just vital organs of the body needed for your survival but they also play an important role in your decision making. I always say “You have the power to create your own reality”. The reality which you create in your mind is what you see in the actual world. When you want to see good you will see that only but when you focus on all the bad things in life you will see that. Whatever your focus on you see that only. You will see when you want to do something big and you are determined to do it no matter what. You do not have any idea as to how to achieve your goal? but you are firm to do it. You will see that the whole world will conspire to make you successful. You will meet like-minded people who will offer you help and give you their valuable advice. This is how the universe works. You live your life according to your thinking and reality. You create your own reality and live your entire life according to that. When one person is complaining about everything in life you will see the other being happy with everything. It is how you see things around you.

Either everything you see is real or everything is fake. You make your own realities. When you want something badly in life and you focus on it with all good intentions you will see it fructify in the long run because that is what you wanted and thus created it. You first imagined it in your mind then you made that imagination tangible in the real world. Sometimes you go searching for your answers and all of a sudden you come across a video which answers your question. You are searching for your favorite necklace and still, you cannot find it after days of searching in every jewellery shop and all of a sudden you receive that same neck piece as a gift from someone. You keep thinking how is this possible? How can someone gift me the same thing which I was looking for? How that person came to know about it? Why he bought only that necklace when it was so costly? You don’t know how the other person came to know about your choice but you are happy you got what you wanted. This is how the universe works. This is the law of attraction. But sometimes you will see that the universe takes time for fulfillment of your wishes because few things take longer to ripe than others.

Your heart generates feelings and when you attach your right emotions to whatever you want in your life you get it. Your logical mind and your emotions play a very important role in your life. You first define your life then you apply your logic and generate feelings accordingly and then live your life. When you think you can solve a problem then you will be able to do so but on the other hand, if you think you cannot find a solution to a problem, you will create that reality. There is a famous quotation which says “Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are always right”. Thus it is your perception which helps you in building the reality which you want to live. If you pray to God and believe that God will answer your prayers he will and if you believe he will never answer your prayers he will not. There is a difference of faith and belief. With faith, you can achieve the unachievable and attract miracles in your life. There are cases when doctors said they could not save a life and that person recovered 100% which sometimes overwhelmed doctors. How do these things happen? It all happens with the mind and heart. If your mind and heart both believe that you can heal your body you can heal it. If you think you have the capacity to converse directly with God and get your prayers answered you can do that.

You have enormous capacity only when you believe and you do it. Your energies are lying dormant inside you, awake them when you face a tough situation in life. You do not know how to handle it but then you slowly get the courage and you successfully tide over that rough patch with flying colors. You keep thinking about how you did it? You never had an idea that you could solve that problem and you had no idea of your own courage. You discover your strength only when you are tested. Few people give in while others fight and make things happen. All of us have this sleeping energy which wakes up only when we need it. Most people do not live up to their full potential and do not utilize their inner energy and it all goes waste. They leave the earth thinking if they were a little more intelligent they could have lived a better life. You can live a better life and you have that power within you to create your own better life.

If you are struggling with your disease and the doctors have just given up on you, do not lose hope. Have faith that your own body has got lots of healing power. When it can heal a small wound by itself it can even heal a big disease. I would give my own example here. I have healed my body by my own self when all the doctors had given up on me, but I had faith that I could do it and I did it successfully or else I would have been lying sobbing in a corner and blaming God for making my life miserable. I discovered the path of yoga which started healing my body from within and I am seeing great results myself. My faith helped me in finding all the right solutions which I was looking for to heal myself.

Have you seen those Magic videos on Youtube where you can change the other person with your right intentions? I just saw a video where a lady was giving a solution to get a lost lover back in life. She took seven seeds of coriander and then ground them in a vessel chanting the right intentions, then she poured some water in it. She left the mixture so that the coriander dissolved completely in water then she strained the whole mixture. The water she got had to be mixed in the food of the lover so that he could develop the right feelings towards her and come back into her life. It is water charged with the right intention to get specific results. The normal water which you drink and the water which is charged with the right intentions is different. Your intentions create the reality which you want to see. When that charged water enters the body it carries the intentions of the other person and hence behaves differently and you will see things happening for you. This is the power of faith and your faith creates your reality when you do something with a pure heart. Wrong intentions will never give good results because from one corner of your heart you know whatever you are doing is wrong so do right things to get good results.

You will be amazed at how powerful you are and what all things you are capable of doing once you start doing it. What are you waiting for create your own realities and achieve all your dreams.

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