Your life is your Responsibility - Do you believe me?

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My Life

I personally believe that your life is your own responsibility and you cannot play the blame game saying the other person is causing me unhappiness or is responsible for my failures. Let's dig deep inside and look at everything from a different angle, a different perspective. Now answer a few questions before you shift the blame on someone else, Can someone live your life for you? Can someone else eat for you, sleep for you or live your miseries or die for you? The list is endless, I would say “NO”. When it is you who has to go through every good or bad circumstance and live everything then how can someone else be responsible for your destiny. I would say it is you yourself who is responsible for everything in your life. Yes, I know you attach your emotions to everything in your life and that is what creates problems for you. You love someone and when that person breaks your heart, you get depressed but if you look at things from a different angle I would say that you learned a good lesson of your life that “People who are meant to be in your life will be in your life and those who are not meant in your life will never be there”. You understand that you just have control over your own life and not someone else’s life. You can express your feelings but you cannot control the other person’s reaction to it. The other person may accept or reject your love and that is absolutely ok. I would say when you learn how to handle rejection, you have learned the biggest lesson of your life and no one can take away the smile from your face. You will not get much stressed with almost any problems in your life. The biggest problem which most people face today is that they cannot handle rejection.

I have learned all my lessons the tough way. After living a pathetic life for 2 long years and shutting down my life from the outside world for 2 complete years, I have grown as a person. I have dug deep inside me and have worked on my inner self so that nothing in this world can put me down. My inner journey has taught me the toughest lessons in the easiest ways and have shown me that “Whatever happens, happens for a reason”, “When things are not working according to you, then it is working according to God”, “Look at the positive side of everything, even your toughest failures”, “In life nothing is permanent, neither are your sorrows”, “God will personally come and meet you if you reach out to him with a pure heart filled with love where you have no hatred for the person who broke all his promises”. My inner journey has connected me with my soul and that is the only reason I have evolved as a good human being and I am sharing my own life experiences with you so that you too learn your best lessons from life and keep going no matter what. I have learned that when I tried to blame other people for the problems I tried to shift my life’s responsibility to someone else’s shoulder so that I could rest in peace but it is only later that I realized that this thinking never brought any peace in my life. I was getting more and more vulnerable and tried to blame others for all my problems. It is only when I shifted my focus from others on to me that I realized my life is only my responsibility.

The smile which I carry on my face is an expression of my happy soul. I bet you when you talk to me you can never find out the number of pains I have endured in my life, my struggles, my inhibitions, and my fears. I have overcome everything with a brave face. I am attached to my creator, my God who is the source of all inspiration in my life. When you will look at me you will find a carefree person who is ready to burst into heart-filled laughter, yes that is me. I have shaped my life and converted it from disastrous to something fruitful. I want to make my life useful for every person so that I can stand as an inspiration for people not to give up in their worst phase and believe that there is a silver lining at the end of the dark clouds. I want to stand as a messenger of God who sent me here on this earth to show light to other people so that they do not live in dark, have faith in the supreme that when nothing will work he himself will come here on this earth to take you out of all your miseries. I believe God is great because when I look back at the amount of help he provided me when I needed him the most I have so much gratitude for him and I just keep thanking him for whatever he did for me. I would say take responsibility for your life be it personal or professional. When you see that you are not getting your desired success in any field then you should look inwards and find your own answers, your true calling so that you can find out your flaws, correct them and move ahead in your life.

When your life turns into a complete mess and you cannot see any future or feel that your dark days are never going to come to an end, have faith that is the time things will turn around in your favor. When you are tested till the point when everything reaches till your neck and you feel stuck, you cannot breathe, you cannot live then believe me your life is about to change, just hold on to it. Do not give up, stay a little longer with your problems, let God’s know that you are his best creation. You will see that suddenly your whole life will shift, I have seen this happening for me. I don’t know how this happens but I have seen that God simply comes and makes everything work in our life. God is great. He is the one who has always guided me through my intuition, he speaks directly to me and that is the only reason I always feel protected under him. Your life is absolutely your responsibility, the sooner you understand this the better your life will get. I would say the whole world will be a better place to live when everyone understands this, there will be less anger, hatred and more love. It is only when you overflow with love that you can share it with the whole world. How can you share something which is scarce so it is necessary for you to have much more than you need it so that you can distribute it and have enough for your own self too.

Life is fun. Do not cry for people who do not want to be a part of your life, who left you in the middle of the journey and shrugged off their shoulders telling they have compatibility issues. I have forgiven every person who has hurt me so that I can be at peace with myself. It makes no sense for me to get angry with people who ran away from their responsibility, I would say let them run. I believe that they can run away from me but they can never run away from God where they will have to answer all the questions. It is just time which will teach every person his lessons. When your time comes then there is no looking back, till then let the other person be happy that they have hurt you and left you in a place where you cannot rise again. I would say take responsibility for your life in your own hands and show the other person that you are a tough soul who is hard to break. Show the other person that you are unbreakable, you are a difficult person to be defeated. Start your life all over again from scratch, get your power back. Attract the best man in your life if you are looking for a good life partner, attract the best job, the best work if that is what you are looking for. Let the whole world know that you are a tough soul who will not give in easily. You are a hard nut to crack and it is not easy for anyone to mess with you. You are the best.

Your life is 100% your responsibility. Love yourself, live the best life, attract a great love in your life and enjoy life. God gave this one life so it is better that you live it kingsize. Just one life to live, live the life of your dreams. A life which even God’s envy and feel proud and say “Yes she is my creation, I love her”. I would just want to pass only one message to my readers that your life is only your own responsibility, do not play the blame game. Live your best life.

All the best. “I Love You all”

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