Women Entrepreneurship - Start of a New Journey

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2013-08-08 14:53

Women Entrepreneurship is gaining momentum and lots of women want to become entrepreneurs rather than do 9 - 5 job. The reason is flexibility in working hours as well as being your own boss. You are free to choose what you want to do rather than someone else giving you orders as to what needs to be done. The journey for women entrepreneurs is not the same as that of men. The struggle and the daily juggle between work and family is absolutely different. A lady has to think ten times before she steps out of the house to build her business. She has to think of her home, her child and also balance all so that her personal life is not neglected. A lady cooks for her home, looks after children and also take care of other needs of home so when she steps out of the house she has to make sure that no one is neglected.

There are various options open for women. They can do anything they want. God has given the same brain to a female as to a male. There are some wrong notions running in the society that certain job is only for man and a woman cannot do it. I would say when God never differentiated in giving the intellect than why do we humans create disparity just based on gender differences. A woman is fully capable of doing a certain job meant for man. She can do all the paper work needed for setting up a business as well as convince a bank manager for a loan. It is all possible only when she makes up her mind, steps out of the house and is confident about herself. There is no looking back. When a woman decides to become an entrepreneur she has to be fully prepared from within so that she can handle all the ups and downs in business. Starting a business and running it successful are two different stories. You can start a business and run it for 2 to 3 years but when you feel you cannot handle it you close it down and leave your dreams midway and go back to the life you lived 3 years back. I would advise women entrepreneurs who close down an endeavour which they started with full heart and soul to think again and to fight till they really get successful in whatever they are doing. Failures are bound to come and it may so happen that your work takes years to get recognized but that never means you leave your dreams in the middle and quit.

To keep yourself motivated read a book. Read success stories of other women entrepreneurs, attend seminars, these will give you a boost to move ahead in life. Have a humble start. This will really help you manage your finances. Manage with less and add on when your business fetches you profit. Renting a big space with lots of furniture without any return can burden you with costs and after sometimes you may want to get back as you are not able to break even. It takes time for a business to settle down. For some entrepreneurs it is a long journey while for others it is small but the path is never the same for all. Never compare yourself with others and be focused on what you have to do rather than concentrating on what others are doing.

Entrepreneurship is a journey and not a destination. It is for those who want to carve their own path and do what they love to do. People will give suggestions and will talk about you but then it is your life and not theirs. Let them talk and give you suggestions, you decide your own path. Take your own decisions and follow your gut feeling. You can start from home and rent a office when you feel you are prepared to bear the expenses. There is nothing wrong in starting small. No one created an enterprise in a single day.

Be passionate about your work, work with full enthusiasm and devotion you have got to be successful because the whole universe will conspire to make you successful. The law of attraction will attract like minded people to you and you can always associate with them and grow your business. You have to think about your work and plan it out. Nothing happens by chance you have to do it. Doing is different from just thinking. You may have the best plan but if you don’t do you cannot run a business.

Never ever think i don’t have time to run a business. If you want you can take out time and after sometime it will be a part of your daily chore. You will find people to delegate your work and help you handle all facets of your life. Never hesitate in asking for help when you need the most. Everyone will be ready to help you only when you ask for one.

Women entrepreneurs are needed in a society so that she is a role model for other ladies who want to take up entrepreneurship but hesitate as they see very few women entrepreneurs. Lead, be a leader and become a torchbearer for other women to follow and also help them succeed. Being a women entrepreneur myself i know it gets tough at times but then i cannot give up i have to keep going. I don’t have to show others how big i am or how big office i hold but run my business smoothly. Hard and tough times do take a toll on the business but then when we have started the journey we cannot leave in between because of few thunderstorms but hold on and move when the storm is over.

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