Why Complicate life? Make it simple with your own statement

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-07-01 17:55
Simple Life

In Today’s world when everything around us is getting sophisticated and artificial, why do we complicate life further? There is nothing which is wrong in sophistication but the power games which people play just to show off how big they are and how small others are, then it wrong. I would say the more simple things get, it gets easy to use them. You love your old phone which you bought just 1 year ago and now something new is in the market, though you do not need this new phone with new features you go ahead and spend a big chunk of money to own this phone so that you feel trendy. You do not want to use outdated products because that does not suit you. I know so many products are launched each day and I would say everything becomes obsolete the moment something new is launched. When technology is improving so fast I would say that everything around is getting old around us every day. You bought a new Television just 6 months ago and now a new model is available in the market at the same price with new features and you feel that you should have waited for few more months so that you would have owned the new version. What you forget to realize is that anyways whatever exists today is going to get outdated after some time. Just be happy with whatever you own, even if a better version of the same Television is available in the market now which has new features like connectivity with the phone or working on WiFi, think do you need those features. If the answer is “No” then why regret your decision. Be happy that you purchased the best which you could afford. In today’s scenario when everyone is just running blindly after the latest things, they are complicating their life and forgetting simplicity.

There is nothing wrong in owning the best products but what we are doing is we are complicating life and adding more stress to it. You will spend more than half of the time searching for something which is needed but you cannot find it right away because it is complex and you have to go through the whole manual just to understand your own product which you bought from the market. Most of the time you are busy and when you do have time you have got other things to do. Simplify your life. Invest your time and money on things which you need, do not be an impulse purchaser who is easily fooled by shops to purchase a sophisticated product. You know we all love the simplicity and there is a lot of beauty in simple and natural things. When you love reading a hard copy of the book you do not need kindle but if you are someone who loves reading your book on gadgets than you can surely purchase one but don’t do that because that will make you sound cool. At the end of the day, books are meant to enhance your knowledge so they will whether you read from a hard copy or kindle. The whole world is running after the latest stuff which the companies are producing and selling to their customers. There are a few improvements which are done in the old product and sold as new. You buy a high version phone which empties your whole month salary just to own complicated stuff is not cool. Though you are very well aware that anyways you are not going to use all the features then why not buy a phone which suits you and your pocket? Just because your friends own it does not means you should have it too.

Higher end smartphones are for people who are very busy in their lives and it gives them time to work with the phone while they are traveling or I would say it is the replacement of laptop. Phones are easy to carry and use, so if these people use these high-end phones it suits them because for them it is their necessity but that does not apply to you. Even these busy people love simple things in life. There is so much complexity around you that you should be looking for simple things so that you are less stressed. In today’s scenario, people are suffering from all lifestyle diseases which are caused due to unnecessary stress. When you make your life simple and less complicated by enjoying simple things you will see that you will feel better and add on to your happiness. Life has got so busy nowadays that people living in the same house do not have enough time to talk to each other. They are either busy on their smartphones or Television. Imagine the life which our parents lived when there were simple phones. There was more laughter and fun in the house than it is now. We are getting used to complicated living and sophisticated life because it has got class.

Come on what are you getting from that class, it is just taking away the joy and peace of your life. You will be happier when you simplify your life. Be happy about building your own fashion statement with products which you love using not because you want to look trendy. You love a dress just buy it even if it is not that expensive and you keep thinking about what will others say when I will wear this dress. Don’t bother much just own it and wear it, when you are happy with your dress than nothing matters. Don’t burden your heart and your pocket with complicated thinking or products, just try to make it simple because it is better to lessen the burden of your mind so that you can get a good nights sleep.

Be happy and live a simple life.

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