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Welcome to my World - Dare to Walk with Me?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-08-27 19:20
Walk with Me

The very concept of life is very deep, the more you dig the better you understand it. When you look at life from the surface it is nothing but a passing time where you live your present and future. Every gem of life is hidden within you. You have the entire cosmos hidden within you but you cannot access that energy. You can get access to that energy when you have raised above the realms of normal human beings and attained a state of being where you have the power to converse with the supreme. It is in that state of mind that you will download the entire universe within your body. When Lord Krishna opened his mouth his mother could see all the planets in his mouth. That is the ultimate state to be reached, that is divinity. It is not that easy neither that tough. It is only the state of your mind and your determination to get what you want that will lead you there. There will be challenges in your path which will deter you to dig deep inside but then the choice is absolutely yours as to what you want to do with your life. I would say it is always better to move forward, with few trials and errors you will ultimately reach your goal and meet your supreme power. It is only when you meet with the divine that he will welcome you to his world and ask you “Do you dare to walk with me?” If you say “Yes” then there is no looking back but if you are fearful then nothing can happen. I move on with the “Yes” to take my discussion further.

When you say “Yes” to him then be prepared because you are not meant to do things which normal human beings do. You are meant to do big things in your life and achieve the ultimate success which others can only dream about. You will live every dream of yours as a living reality. Now that is called God-like power. When you have explored your inner world and experienced your God then it means he wants to work through you. It is not anyone or everyone who can reach him. I would say he is the one who chooses who will be a part of his world and when the right time arises he makes all the planetary changes happen so that you can understand your purpose in life and do what you are meant to do. Till your time comes he will just be keeping a close watch on you so that he is well aware of what you are up to. Have you ever felt that when something big is going to happen the constellation of heavenly bodies change and make things happen. Even when Lord Krishna was going to be born, there was a big shift in planetary positions so that he gained maximum benefits from planets placed in his birth chart. He had an attractive personality that had the power to create love even in the hearts of people who hated him. The glow on his face had the power to attract every person towards him. When he spoke everybody listened. His purpose in life was very big which was communicated to him after he attained a certain age till then he was left to live a normal life with his mother who adopted him for his upbringing.

I would like to tell you that when God has to make certain things happen he will make it happen without communicating to anyone except the one person to whom he wants to communicate that it is for her that everything is falling in alignment so that she knows her purpose and attains it in this lifetime. It is through these planetary shifts that he communicates with the one whom he chooses to do his work that your time has come, be prepared. He will tell her “You are welcome to my world, Dare to walk with me?”. It is then a completely new journey which starts with a nod of “Yes”” where the other person is well aware that she will no more be the same and will be completely transformed before she starts with her new journey on the path which has been chosen not by her but by the supreme and she has no other option but to walk on it. When you are chosen for a very big purpose you will know and others around you will also know not today but after some time. Can you feel the number of planetary shifts which are happening now in the year 2019 from July onwards? Feel the vibe the universe wants to communicate something to you.

Some mysteries are going to be revealed and you will know only when it is out in the world till then just wait and watch and go with the flow. The placement of Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Sun, Saturn and Ketu are working in synchronicity just for the upliftment of destiny of lots of people including the one who is born to change the world by her presence and who is born to make the changes. Now keep guessing, Who is She? You will know everything at the right time. Till then wait and watch. Now let me discuss on something more that there are lots of things which are predecided by God’s and he does not reveal everything in one go, sometimes he will just tweak certain parts of your birth chart so that he can make necessary adjustments so that it is just between you and him and no one exactly knows who you are. Now that is what I call destiny. Do you think people who achieved enlightenment were the ones who just sat, meditated and got enlightened? I would say “No”, it is not that way. They got enlightened because they were the ones who had been chosen by the supreme to get enlightened and still be contained in their bodies and make the world a better place to live by their teachings and by their presence. When you get enlightened your body cannot contain your soul and it will leave your body because you have outgrown your own body with which you were born. But when if it is the will of the divine and he wants to work through you he will save you and work through you. Now that is what I call a message from your God’s when he gives a warm welcome to you in his world and asks you “Dare to walk with me?”.

When you have come this far and made efforts to meet him then why not walk with him and let him work through you so that he can achieve his goal through you by making the world a better place to live. There is a shift in the thinking of people and a lot of things need to be mended. The creator has no option left but to come here on this earth and make changes because if he is late then it will get more difficult for him to get back the whole world in shape. Now that is the time when God’s are born here on this earth to make things happen. You never know how the supreme will manifest in front of you and in which form. Everyone cannot recognize his energy, it is only a few handful of people who can know about him when they feel his energy others will know when he himself tells everyone about him so that is what happens when you walk with the supreme and “Dare to achieve the impossible” with his divine presence. God’s are reachable people but then it is his decision whether he wants to make you a part of his world. He will create barriers in your path if he does not chooses you and will help you every time when he chooses you. He will help you in minutest of ways and tell you what to do like a mother spoon-feeding her child. That is called the love of God for a human being whom he welcomes to his world and even makes him walk with him.

The supreme is unimaginable. It is not easy for you to understand him because the more you understand him the more he opens up to you. The more he opens up to you means that he loves you a lot and will not lose you and will show you the path to ultimate happiness. He will show you your purpose, help you achieve it and will give you the biggest gift of your life which you cannot imagine even in your wildest dreams.

That is called God’s love for you.

Achieve your purpose and live your best life with the man of your dreams.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m