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The power of Dreaming Big and achieving the pinnacle of Success

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2011-11-03 13:28
Dream Big

We always say dream big as big dreams helps in achieving big goals rather than small dreams. It is easy to dream small and be satisfied with the small result. Many do this most of the time because they find it hard to come out of their comfort zone to achieve something big and meaningful. They feel satisfied and are happy in their comfort zones and find it difficult to adjust to new and improved surroundings. It is easier said than done. A lot of people dream big but they do not take any measures or steps to achieve their dream. They are sure to fail as inaction spoils the intellect.

For example - If i want to become an Entrepreneur i need to take necessary steps to learn concepts so that i can be successful in my venture. If i have no or little business skill i will enroll myself in to a good B School so that i can learn the intricacies of business. Not just sit at home for time to pass and wait for the market to get right when i can start my business. Some or other things may not work at present but they will get favorable in the near future when we start off. If we just wait things will never be fine and that best day will never ever come.

Walking along a path which we feel correct and just is a good idea than doing nothing at all and cursing the present situation. It is better to get into action and stop criticizing the present moment and any person. Big dreams needs commitment, determination, vision and focus to move on and not stop till that dream is achieved and set a next one to be achieved. It is a cycle which never stops. It is our commitment to achieve the best and be the best in our field in spite of all setbacks and obstacles.

It is a very popular saying whenever you want to dream, dream big because small dreams leads you no where. If you dream for the moon you will catch the stars. Meaning you will achieve something near to your big dreams which would not have been possible if you dreamt small staying in your comfort zone. Dreams are our guiding force for the future and without imagination and dreams we will land no where.

A lot of people find it difficult to dream big due to their present circumstances and educational level. But when we move ahead and look at the history of people who made it big we find that there was nothing which held them back except for an extraordinary determination. Nothing is impossible. You dream, you learn the intricacies and then move on. You will understand things when you get interested in it and you will only get interested when you feel you can do it. When you feel it is not in your hands you are allowing opportunities to pass on. Self confidence is very important attribute needed in a person who dreams big. Because it is the confidence in oneself which helps a person to achieve his goals and reach pinnacle of success.

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