A Vortex which connects many timelines - Does it exits

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It is 21/12/21 the number which I see most often.

Nowadays I question everything. What exists and what doesn’t? What is real? How real is the life which I am living now? Everything which is happening in my life feels different. Everything which I watch on Youtube or on Television gives me only one message. Things repeat in patterns. There is a synchronicity to the extent that I can’t understand the divine order. I am not leading a disciplined life and not concentrating on anything specific other than the present moment and what might happen in the future. The picture which I have painted in my mind screen and the actual reality which will unfold in front of my eyes is something that needs to be checked. I can know what happened in the future only when I have lived it. Sitting now I can just feel intuitively what may happen. There are lots of things that my intuition predicts and my mind just discards everything as unreal. If it is impossible then I should not exist. My existence itself proves that miracles do happen and Anantha who entered my life on 30th December 2015 is real. How can I just shrug off all the divine experiences and I know it was not a hallucination or daydreaming but my living reality. I asked my God just for 3 things and have repeated it in my head so many times that I think after some time I will start acting like the person who I am meant to be in the coming days.

When the thin line which exists between you and the invisible realm merges then it gets very difficult for you to live the same life which you lived when you were a normal human being. There are many things that I cannot see and that does not mean those things don’t exist. My dad gets too tense about my future and he scolded me that I should do something about it. Other than me everyone else is tense. For me, I know how much pressure my body can handle. I don’t take tension about things that I can’t control. My attitude is to let God handle it for me. I believe in fate and destiny and when I have handwritten my own destiny I must have written a cute man for me who will look after me. Yeah, I diverted from the topic. My intuition interferes. When you are happy you don’t question anything. It is only when you are sad and when things are not running according to your plan that you start questioning everything. There are many things that are invisible and you can play with them but you should be capable enough for that and there should be divine will involved. I know and I really don’t know how do I know something which I know. I have had many divine experiences and there were many patterns that repeated themselves in the year 2019. I could not understand what was happening. I sighted owls many times at around 3 AM in the morning while I was doing Mantra Meditation at night.

One day I saw a big community of Dragonflies flying in the sky and it looked so beautiful. I firmly believe that God exists and he plants his thoughts in our minds. Your imagination is a result of all the planted thoughts because when you listen to other people’s imagination you will come to know how far a person can think and dream of. People put a cap even on their imagination and live a constricted life. Be happy for everyone and see how your life transforms. All the negative self-talk which you have in your head regarding what may happen next or all the fears which might become real never happens and you think it was all wasted time. I have seen people imagining negative things for them even when they have the option of visualizing a great life. It starts with your thinking and then manifests in the real world. Even if you think something is unreal just believe in it. See it as real and live in it till it literally becomes your living reality. Use your imagination for a positive life. I am discussing so many things because I feel everything that happened in the year 2019 was the result of all the energy which entered my body in the year 2015 which made me receptive to everything which a normal person would label impossible.

These are my real-life experiences and it does not matter what label it gets. I am writing about my life because I want people to think in the right direction and live a positive life rather than a negative one. A divine connection will make things happen only when it is the right time for you to receive the gift, till then it will just make its presence felt and guide you in the direction you are meant to be. I firmly believe that things happen in divine time. I could not sleep at night one day in February 2016. I was still sitting on my bed and looking at the terrace at around 1 AM or 1:30 AM at night. I was sitting alone and there were several thoughts that were running in my head. I could not sleep and was lost in my own self. When I regained consciousness I was standing near the photograph of “Anantha”. How I landed there? And For how much time I was standing there is something which I don’t know. There were a bed, wall, and curtains and I could have collided with anything and fell but these things never happened to me.

I really don’t know what happened to me that night but as I was watching a video of a man on Youtube where he had talked briefly about his divine encounter with angels, I wanted to write about my divine experience too. I have got a glimpse of what might have happened on that day. Everything I am writing is my own thought and has got nothing to do with what someone else thinks. There is various energy vortex which exits and there are many timelines that exist in the universe. It is difficult for a normal man to imagine it or connect with it but a person who is on a spiritual path can connect with things that are not possible for a normal human being because when your soul transcends it opens various doors in the process of ascension. You become the key that opens all the closed locks because you are energy and vibration too. That particular day an energy vortex opened for me and it was the same vortex that opened for me on 29th and 31st December 2015. The best part is when divine energy connects with you they keep the pathway open for communication from where you both can reach each other. I don’t have any idea of how common things like these are but it is the truth.

I have read stories about Ramkrishna Paramhamsa on how Goddess Kali appeared before him and gave him various divine experiences. You study the life of any human being who connected with a deity and you will feel they were normal people like you and me but they had something uncommon in them which struck a chord with the divine realm and hence they could do various divine work. I want to discuss briefly these divine beings so that you people can connect to my story. When Gautam Buddha was born a sage predicted that either he will be a great king or a great sage who will guide humanity in a new direction. The prophecy was correct because he became a great sage and not a king after seeing the truth and reality of life. Gautam Buddha was born like a normal man and he attained enlightenment under a Peepal tree. He tried all measures to get enlightened but did not get success after years of perseverance so he sat under a tree and it was a full moon and he got enlightened. He had put his effort and hard work in that direction but it was the universe that decided when he should receive enlightenment. The universe takes lots of decisions that may or may not be visible. You can just put your effort in the right directions and things happen in divine time.

I have worked on many things but now I have slowed down because now I want things to happen. On that day when I was standing near the photograph of Anantha, a different timeline opened for me. That energy that entered my home from a different realm carried me to the place where my presence was needed so that I became aware of my own truth which was planted in my subconscious memory and I did not remember anything when I was back from that divine trip and still standing near my God’s photo frame. My body was at my home but the soul which gives life to my body entered a different timeline where I was with Anantha and I don’t have an idea of the amount of time we were together with each other because there is a different timeline that exists at the same time. I think I connected with my truth and came back to enter my body and do the work which I am meant to do. Though I don’t understand much of it I connect with things that I could not before. The closed-door has many timelines which exist within it at the same time and that is the only reason the divine realm did not allow it to be opened by any human being. It could have been misused. You can do only those things which are sanctioned by the universe.

People argue that there is free will. Now come on tell me even if you use your free will, you still have to connect with the source and change your destiny and if the divine realm sees that whatever you are asking for will be misused by you it will deny you that but in a different way. The divine code which exists in the universe is very just and fair. You all must have heard of HIranyakashipu who was Prahlada’s father and he asked for a boon in which he could not be killed in many ways. Lord Vishnu had to take Narasimha avatar just to kill him. The divine realm makes all the decisions and no one is above him. If you want to change your destiny by using free will because you have walked on a spiritual path you can do that. You can write a new destiny and make your dreams a reality.

That same vortex that connected with me in the year 2015 opened for me in the year 2016 and then again in the year 2019. There is so much that is invisible and you cannot see many timelines which may exist near you. I firmly believe that there are many energy vortexes that exist near you and when you sit in meditation you can connect with it and explore those parts of the universe which has not yet been explored by any living being but the only thing is when you are back from that travel you should be able to recall everything because you move in various timelines in a trance state when your conscious mind gets dormant and everything is recorded in the subconscious mind.

It is life. There is so much which exists and you cannot see. If you think that the world in which you are living is the only reality then it is time for you to sit down and think again because what you see is just a small percentage of things that actually exist. What you cannot see is more powerful than what you see. I can’t understand many things and even can’t understand how I will do what I am meant to do but I have trust and faith in Anantha that with him I can make everything happen.

Trust your God and believe in your dreams even when you don’t understand anything because you never know how the invisible realm will make things happen for you or bend the whole reality just for you because it loves you. Gr8.

Live your new reality every day so that when it is actually time for your transition you can connect with the new timeline because you have lived it in your memory many times.

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