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New shifting energy of the Earth - Transcend into a New You

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2021-11-14 17:18
Divine Key

Many major shifts are happening on the earth plane. Some can feel and others can’t. It depends on how connected you are with your own inner self or the vibration which exists in the universe because these shifts are signaling towards something major which is going to happen in the coming months. I can understand why I see the number “9” most of the time and why the number “369” almost every time. My mind is so much programmed at locating certain numbers that even if my eyes cannot see something vibration of those numbers just attracts my attention towards them or my inner soul just attracts those numbers in my life. Number “108, 1008” is a new discovery. These are very sacred numbers and I have completed Mantra Purashcharana of “Swayamvara Parvathi Mantra” chanting 1008 mantras in one sitting. “108” is also a very sacred number and those are the number of chantings you do with beads in a day or in one sitting. The entire universe is a play of numbers and geometry. If there is a change in the alignment of even one planet it affects the entire system of planets. Whatever I am writing is from my own deductions and intuitions so if you are someone who wants logical proof then you have to wait for things to happen because now I can just feel the vibration and energy shift. The planetary shifts take place to make things happen in the entire universe but they never disrupt the cosmic geometry and never go out of alignment.

Even if two planets come very close to each other to bring major change happen even then they never collide with each other. The mathematical calculations with which the creator created everything in the universe are absolutely mind-blowing because they have kept so many details and precisions in their mind that not even 1 degree of misalignment can happen. Hats off to the brain of the creator or the cosmic consciousness where the creator has attached his brain and breathes. If you keep wondering why you feel a certain way the answer is the shifting energy. Though lots of calculations were made by human beings but to match divine calculation is a difficult task. In fact to understand the mind of the invisible realm is the most difficult task. Everything is out there in the universe, the knowledge you need but to understand that perfection is a daunting task that needs a super brain that can read and process huge amounts of data at the same time with utmost precision. “369” is the number of manifestations and completion of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one. When you read a clock in a clockwise direction you see the number “369” which makes a semicircle and if you see that semi-circle in the mirror you see the image of it. Two half semicircles complete a circle hence a full circle is formed. It means as above so below. Similarly, numbers 69 and 96 are mirror numbers. Number 9 is a very significant number.

If you are someone who has been working on your spiritual growth then everything which is going to happen in the coming days will take you one step further because you will be aligned with the shifting energies which will guide you to ascension and you don’t have to worry about the next steps. Just follow your intuition and go ahead. Don’t fear because the worst is over and the best has come. Even if you cannot see any ray of light it does not mean that it doesn’t exist. When you are surrounded by darkness for too long you forget the feeling and sight of light but that does not mean that there will be everlasting darkness. The planetary shift will give a boost to new people who have the option of proving their caliber and making things happen. If you are someone who has been struggling for success even after putting in the consistent effort then you will get it. Have faith everything which is happening in your life is moving you closer to your goals even if it is something negative and you feel disheartened. Everything has been placed in your path to help you grow and transform you into an individual who is worthy of achieving his goals.

I have gone through so much in my life that even if I remember those dark days it just sends chills down my spine. Touchwood I overcame them with divine grace. I never had any idea that those painful moments and severe transformation were meant for a higher purpose which I could not see in those moments of extreme pain. If you have wronged someone and the other person was waiting for justice which was never served to him then there will be divine intervention and things will be aligned in the right manner. You will suddenly feel the presence of a superior being who will make things happen in your life because you deserve it. Focus on correcting your energies. If you are manifesting the same thing again and again then you need to shift your energy for a new manifestation and breaking of an old pattern. When you break an old pattern you will see a new shift in your frequency and new things will start showing up in your life. Even if you don’t understand something have faith that God wants to see you happy. But if you are someone who has a long list of pending punishments then justice will be served.

The shifts in energy are happening at the cellular level. You will feel it. There is 100% divine intervention that is happening and the energies are going to intensify in the coming days. If you are connected to the source you will feel it but if you are yet to connect with it then your soul needs transformation. You as a human being will be shown the path to transcend so that you clear all your past life karmas and get salvation or Mukti from rebirth but you have to do good karmas and serve your best purpose. I had written clearly in my previous articles that a massive shift is going to happen and the planets will align one after another just to make that one thing happen because they have to. It is all written in ancient texts and the shift in code of the universe will just start aligning one thing after another so that humanity learns the right lessons and walk on the right path.

All the necessary shifts are happening to transcend that one person who will play the role of the leader and lead the change but that does not mean others who will help bring the change will have less say in it. Just remember when God takes the center stage they want to make things happen. Just play your best role. Every dream which you had in your eyes regarding a new world will be fulfilled. The shift has begun and it will take some time but not too much time. Though I can feel a big shift but how big this shift will be on the world stage is something that cannot be conceptualized even by my mind because the transformation has started and will gain momentum in the coming days. Yes, the best part is people who had been wearing a false mask and showing their deceitful identity will fall because their character will be completely revealed and they will be left naked. Don’t try to live a false life where you just show off. Be genuine and true to your own self.

You cannot fool God. Just because they do not speak it does not mean that they don’t know anything. Be thankful that you will get to see the universe in full essence and can see a true divine being in front of your own eyes. I have felt the energy of “The man who changed my life for a lifetime” but if I get to see him in a physical form then it will be a completely different experience. If you are facing imbalanced energy because of heartbreak then the universe will heal you and also give you the option to make things happen where you can move ahead in your life. It is like a brain is filled with different synaptic connections but when that brain structure is shaken to the point that all the old pattern is broken then you have the option of forming a new synaptic structure and changing your complete being because you change your frequency which attracts a different vibration from the universe.

I have worked a lot on my energies and have visualized so many things for myself. I just want to get into energy healing because there are many people who need healing at the energetic level and they go for various therapies which don’t heal them because their problem is distorted energies in various parts of the brain which is creating problems for them. They can’t understand that because a person who is suffering can’t understand his problem, it is the other person who has to understand his problem and treat it. The disease manifests at the energy level first before it actually manifests in the physical body. If you treat the energy body then the disease will simply be swiped out of your body. If a physical ailment manifest at the physical level it also changes the vibration of your body so if you align the vibration then the ailment will get cured. There is so much correlation between physical form and energy that science cannot understand it. The people who understand it have written a lot about it but how do you connect all the missing links and just make things happen is the biggest question. I don’t know but let’s see how the planetary alignments help me in achieving my divine purpose for which I have been given this second life.

I understand many things but still, there are many unanswered questions so I have surrendered myself to the universe. I just believe that the planets will do their work, there will be divine intervention and I just have to keep walking on my path. I want to work. At least get a job and start my career. For the first time in my life I am giving interviews, all life I was the one who took interviews. It is a completely different experience. The best part is I got the job in HR and the lady said you are great and overqualified. I know the universe will lead me to my destination because that is the amount of hard work I have done on my own self. How everything will happen is still a mystery because my planning and the universe plans for me may have a different route so let them play their leadership role. I don’t know how available I will be to everything when I actually start working. I will figure out what next once I get into a state of flow because there will be divine intervention and they will show me what next.

When your head is not working chill, talk to your God, and ask for direction.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m