The True Meaning of Success and the daily interpretations

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2013-01-30 14:42

The meaning of success is different to different people. A person can taste success after winning a school race while others feel success only after winning Olympics, so the very definition of success is different for everyone. A housewife feels successful after making the best recipe from a recipe book. Entrepreneurs feel successful after creating a big global enterprise, so success carries different meaning for different person. Success is directly attached to goals. The goals which you set for your career, family and your personal life. Once you achieve those you feel successful. A person tastes success many times in life and that moment is the best fulfilling moment. But the biggest question is are you doing something which you are worth doing ? Are you setting smaller goals fearing bigger goals might dishearten you and take away the peace of your life ? If yes then sit down and rewrite your goals to create a big life, a big success which you think to be possible which others cannot conceive or perceive. Do not settle down for something small as you cannot see the end. If you can conceive and perceive you can achieve it is said by a famous author named Napoleon Hill.

To feel the success work hard for it day and night, get engrossed in it and then your perseverance will be answered by happy thoughts, feelings and you will see things materialise the way you wanted them to be. Now that is success. Taking your destiny in your own hands and writing it by your own self not waiting for a fortune teller to make you aware of what you are capable of becoming or doing, but you are aware of your own capabilities. Do not belittle others thoughts and ideas thinking them to be small, nor be let down by others judgements about you because remember people will give you judgements. You cannot stop them but what you can do is listen to them and do what you want to do and let your action speak louder than words. Answering each and every person on the way will not only waste your time but will also drench you of your positive energy which you have been carrying, so move on.

The taste of success is sweet to those who have worked hard for it and had lived their life with only one thought and no one could distract them from achieving their dreams. That single minded vision and approach brings success. No amount of money or wealth can purchase success for you, nor can you taste it until and unless you are fully engrossed and involved in it. You can get the tag of a CEO from your Dad but you will not know what is success until and unless you work hard and persevere. Success is an emotion which can be felt by those have worked for it. It cannot be transferred from one generation to another.

A successful person is a very down to earth person not an egoistic individual because he knows success does not comes easily and it is the work which is important and not their personal self. They make space for others and makes others feel comfortable in their company and not show how great they are by pulling legs of the other person or showing off. The mental grinding moulds a person and a person who is not moulded cannot be successful. Change has to take place in a positive direction with good thoughts and feelings for others. A negative person cannot taste success. It is the destiny of positive and charming people who attract success towards them.

To be successful take a small step in the direction of your dreams. That single bold step will take you further and further till one day you will be able to see your destiny clearly and achieve it. The mind is capable of achieving anything but it can only do so when you program it for that and concentrate on one single thought or idea, not jump from one thought to another just because you are not getting results. Have patience and then move on and on. This will lead you to your destiny and you will create your destiny by your own hands.

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